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• 4/23/2018

stacks questions

I have two questions - They never show in the episodes just how a stack is inserted into a sleeve, and yet the meths seem to be able to switch sleeves at will. I'm just wondering how it's done. Also, in the scene where Ortega is in with all Rei's clones, how were they able to be animated and fight her if her stack was in her current clone?
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• 3/4/2018

Is there more Information on the Songspire Trees?

Hi guys, also letting you know beforehand I haven't read the books. To be honest I'm a little on the fence about reading the books, as I've looked into some of the changes from the books to the series I've realise I prefer the changes made to the story in the series. So I find it hard to think I'd enjoy having to ge reaccustomed to the backstory, but that's not my actual question.

What I wanted to ask is if from the lore or backstore of either the books or the show there is any additional information on the songspire trees, potentially even the elder creatures?

Looking at the show, the fact that Takeshi chooses to follow the veins in rocks when he and his sister are on the run I'd interpret as him believing them to be some sort of way out. Also their blue glow closely resembles that of the stacks (obviously this visual can only be added in the show, unless specifically described in the books?). Does this mean Takeshi has some sort of understanding of what these trees can do, or does he have some sort of expectation?

On top of that, how did the elder beings interact with the trees, and is there additional info on the elder ones, as all we're presented with in the show so far is a fossil somewhat resembeling a large winged creature?

Thank's for your answers!
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• 2/27/2018

Please help: Question regarding S1, Ep 10: Kinnaman's departure?

I need some clarification regarding a Hollywood Reporter article I've just read. Full disclosure: I have not read any of the books in the Altered Carbon series. However, I have watched the entire first season of Altered Carbon on Netflix. The article I am referencing is:

In the referenced article above, the author states, "As he (Takeshi Kovacs) leaves, he walks off in a new sleeve (or body), strongly indicating that Kinnaman's work in the series is at an end." I take issue with this, as I've watched (and rewatched, and then rewatched again,many times) the last episode in Season 10, and don't understand how the author concludes that the sleeve we see is different than Elias Ryker's double-sleeve. Can somebody please tell me what I'm missing or not seeing? The only thing I can surmise is the end scene, with 3:42 left in the show, we see a pair of boots walking in a rain-soaked street on Harlan's World, and then a seconds later with 3:23 left in the show, we see a figure enter The Raven hotel, presumably Takeshi Kovacs. The pair of boots we see in both scenes appear different, even the pants appear different. Is this the smoking gun we're led to believe, that this is now a new Takeshi Kovacs sleeve, which is not Ryker? We don't see the figures face at any point, and I swear as the figure exits The Raven Hotel with 2:55 left in the show, it almost appears we're watching Ryker's double-sleeve leave the hotel.

Please educate me if I've missed something, but I don't see the smoking gun that this anything other than Ryker's sleeve, and I have to wonder if the article is making an assumption that can't be fully proven. Please help me with this! Thank you!
'Altered Carbon': Joel Kinnaman Won't Rule Out Season 2 Return
'Altered Carbon': Joel Kinnaman Won't Rule Out Season 2 Return The Hollywood Reporter
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• 2/17/2018

Regarding Season 2

Hello Altered Carbon Wiki,

I hope all of you users and viewers have enjoyed the show and like the wiki so far. But I wanted to make an announcement about Season 2. So according to [ Elite Daily], '''Altered Carbon''' averaged 1.2 million viewers after three days and 2.5 million after seven days, indicating modest viewership. And viewership dropped by episode with the last having the lowest average thus far. While it's not terrible in any way, Netflix expected the show to do better given the hype before the premiere.

But regrading Season 2, many sources in the last week have said Netflix is very tentative about renewing it. However, SpoilerTV, a very reliable source, broke news in December that Netflix had renewed Altered Carbon for Season 2! While that's great news, the show has a long way to go - the second season would focus on [[Woken Furies]], the second book of the Altered Carbon book series and ultimately more expensive, since the second book involves bigger bigger sets and props like spaceships. To give you a perspective, each episode of the first season took about $9 million dollars to make. [[Joel Kinnaman]] said that one set itself was about six football fields long. So for such a demanding second season asking for a bigger budget when it barely garnered the views Netflix wanted, negotiations will have to take place. I'll keep you all up to date.

For what you guys can do at home to make Season 2 definitely happen, is to promote the show yourselves! Recommend to your friends, rave about it in social media! Season 2 can only happen if you guys really want it!
Cancellation Watch: Viewership Numbers for Altered Carbon and The Cloverfield Paradox, The CW Expands Its Schedule, Plus Ratings Results
Cancellation Watch: Viewership Numbers for Altered Carbon and The Cloverfield Paradox, The CW Expands Its Schedule, Plus Ratings Results Cancelled Sci Fi
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• 2/14/2018

regarding Needlecasting...

Needlecasting is the transference of DHF code from one sleeve to another.... you need a body to cast into.Then how (in episode 7) did our group of Envoys needlecast into a secure CTAC stronghold? Am I missing something?
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• 2/14/2018

regarding Neo-C coding

Neo-C coding - Religious coding in the DHF making it illegal to spin a Neo-C coded person up upon their death... OK, so if the Neo-Catholics don't want to be spun up then why get a stack in the first place? If you don't have one you can't get spun up. Am I missing something here?
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• 2/13/2018

Attack on Titan reference?

In Episode 08 while Kovacs is sitting on the couch you can see a picture of what looks like a giant devouring someone by the head. It can't just be a coincidence, it's clearly an Attack on Titan reference! I took a print:
Post image
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• 2/6/2018

Similarity between Takeshi Kovac and Cobra

I am the only one who notices a great similarity between Takeshi Kovacs (Altered Carbon) and Cobra (Space Adventure Cobra)?
Post image
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• 2/5/2018

‘Altered Carbon’ Women Promise ‘Equal Opportunity’ Violence, Nudity

FANDOM talks with executive producer Laeta Kalogridis at the Altered Carbon premiere about equality in the new series.
EXCLUSIVE: ‘Altered Carbon’ Women Promise ‘Equal Opportunity’ Violence, Nudity
EXCLUSIVE: ‘Altered Carbon’ Women Promise ‘Equal Opportunity’ Violence, Nudity FANDOM
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• 2/5/2018

Altered Carbon review

Check out FANDOM's review of Altered Carbon!
‘Altered Carbon’ Review: New Netflix Show REALLY Wants To Be ‘Blade Runner’
‘Altered Carbon’ Review: New Netflix Show REALLY Wants To Be ‘Blade Runner’ FANDOM
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• 2/5/2018

How ‘Altered Carbon’ Deals With Book’s Most Controversial Scene

Anyone who has read the Altered Carbon book knows about a controversial scene involving Takeshi Kovacs. I won't go into details here, but FANDOM looks at how the series dealt with it.

Spoilers for the book and series at the link below!
SPOILER ALERT: How ‘Altered Carbon’ Deals With Book’s Most Controversial Scene
SPOILER ALERT: How ‘Altered Carbon’ Deals With Book’s Most Controversial Scene FANDOM
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• 2/4/2018

UN Protectorate flag

Does anyone have a usable version of the flag/emblem? It is of utmost importance that we acquire said image.
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• 2/2/2018

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• 2/2/2018


Whitewashing is such a hot topic right now, critics can be quick to accuse, but is it fair in this case?
Is it Fair To Say ‘Altered Carbon’ is Guilty of Whitewashing?
Is it Fair To Say ‘Altered Carbon’ is Guilty of Whitewashing? FANDOM
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• 1/10/2018

New Admins Needed!

Hello Altered Carbon viewers,

I, the only bureacrat on the wiki, have a big announcement I have to say with a heavy heart. I don't believe that I can really be able to continue to build up this wiki, even though I firmly believe I helped big the wiki a good foundation in terms of an introduction and a good domestic job. Even though I haven't watched the series yet obviously, I just don't believe I have the time commitment to be the only driving force the wiki needs during its first season. That's why I'm looking for a user or two to make an admin. However, these users have to demonstrate a good understanding of the show and have to have at least 50 edits. If you strongly believe you can help this wiki thrive, please do leave a reply if you meet the requirements and tell me a bit about yourself, small bio, any admin experience, etc.....

Hope to hear from you soon!
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