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Altered Carbon: Resleeved (Japanese: オルタード・カーボン:リスリーブド) is a Japanese anime movie that is a spin-off of Netflix's Altered Carbon television series. The film is directed by Jō Nakajima[2][3] and written by Dai Sato and Tsukasa Kondo. Altered Carbon: Resleeved was released on March 19, 2020, on Netflix.[4]


From Netflix's page:

Dai Sato, the creative mind behind "Cowboy Bebop," further explores and expands upon the "Altered Carbon" universe in this anime adaptation.

From Netflix's press release (loose translation from Japanese):

A spin-off of the Netflix original science fiction live-action series (series 2 in production) is visualized as an original animation. Altered Carbon expands the world and creates a new story that has never been seen before.

From Netflix's press release:

On the planet Latimer, Takeshi Kovacs must protect a tattooist while investigating the death of a yakuza boss alongside a no-nonsense CTAC.



On the planet Latimer, Holly was being chased by some yakuzas. She reached a club, where they finally caught her, but then were killed by a ninja. As the ninja was about to kill Holly, he was chased away by Takeshi in his Ken sleeve. Takeshi along with Holy then spoke with Tanaseda, who wanted Takeshi to protect Holly and find why and how his younger brother died. Holly managed to escape from Takeshi, but ran into Gena of UN's CTAC. But they got attacked by ninjas who killed everyone of her unit. After a short chase, Takeshi and Gena managed to kill all of the ninjas. Holly revealed the ninjas were send by Shinji, who was planning a coup in Mizumoto syndicate.

The group went into Mizumoto syndicate's headquarters and oldest luxury hotel on Latimer, the Wild Geese. There they met Ogai, the AI butler of the hotel, who welcomed them. Shinji then came showing relief that Holly was alive and as an apology for the disrespect his men showed, he gave Holly's bodyguards Takeshi and Gena, their most expensive room.

Takeshi and Holly went into the tattoo room, where Holly continued to ink Shinji, while Takeshi spoke with Genzo. There Genzo explained who their founder was and that Tanaseda was his son. Genzo also explained their tradition, when a succession for the new boss happens, the old one dies along with his stack. While giving report to CTAC, Gena was revealed to be Reileen Kawahara. Takeshi gave his report to Tanaseda, but he couldn't believe his father would give his life in a succession and told Takeshi to continue protecting Holly until the succession.

Holly was watching an old memory of her parents being killed. Since their stacks weren't destroyed, she needed Mizumoto's help to find them. In the meantime, Shinji was speaking with ninjas, annoyed they couldn't kill a kid.

Heading towards Genzo, Holly was being protected by large group of yakuza, Takeshi and Gena. On their way, they got attacked by two ninjas with bullet-proof armors, who killed all the yakuza and managed to stab Gena, before Takeshi and Gena killed them. As other ninjas followed, they went to Ogai, who activated the hotel defense system and killed the remaining ninjas. Holly revealed that the tattooist Margot had created a tattoo program that is passed on the next boss and on succession and kills the previous boss along with his stack.

Back in their room, Gena heard Takeshi singing and realized this was her brother, but didn't reveal herself. Takeshi went to speak with Tanaseda and after mentioning Genzo's laugh, Tanaseda realized something and gave new orders to Takeshi. Takeshi then went and confirmed Tanaseda's suspicions.

On the day of the succession, a firework exploded and a short blackout occurred, after which Holly was gone. Shinji saw that as perfect timing and ordered the ninjas to go and kill Holly and the bodyguards. Genzo then came to Shinji, telling him the succession will be happening earlier and Holly then drugged Shinji, knocking him out. In the meantime, Takeshi, Gena and the yakuza were surrounded by ninjas, while Takeshi was trying to tell them the truth.

On the succession stage, Genzo tattoo activated and killed him with his stack. Tanaseda was in the crowds, revealing that Shinji and Genzo were both his father and founder of the syndicate, who was taking over the bodies of the new bosses. In was then revealed that Holly erased Shinji's stack and transferred Genzo's into Shinji's body, and that Genzo was indeed the founder. Following orders, Ogai closed the audience system and the Founder wanted the succession to complete, but saw that Holly tried to activate the destruction program and kill him. She then revealed she knew he had her parents stacks. The Founder then took out two stacks and destroyed them. The yakuza members then came with Takeshi and Gena, knowing everything and how the Founder was tricking them. They went after him behind stage, but there he put on an enhanced armor, killing all the yakuza. Takeshi and Gena then fought the Founder, but were no match for him. Tanaseda then came and revealed he send information to Ogai, who after checking it, realized this was Shinji's body and not his stack, thus he is not his boss and launched an attack using the fireworks and making the stage collapse on the Founder. That still wasn't enough to defeat him, but after Gena's intervention, Takeshi managed to stab the Founder and destroy his armor. In a fist fight, Takeshi won over the Founder, breaking his arms and legs. Holly then activated the tattoo program, which started to destroy the Founder, who was begging Tanaseda for help. Tanaseda then shot the Founder's stack and then Shinji's head.

Gena who had received orders to "get rid of Holly", told CTAC she had done it and then left. Ogai revealed Holly was Margot and asked her if she wanted a new sleeve as usual as she was getting taller in this one, but Holly decided to stay in this one so that Takeshi and Gena can recognize her when she gets older. Takeshi went to speak with Tanaseda, who had other jobs for him.




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