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Ava Elliot is the wife of Vernon Elliot and the mother of Lizzie Elliot. She is a skilled dipper but was caught and sentenced to thirty years.



Ava Elliot was a loving wife of Vernon Elliot, and was a mother for Lizzie Elliot. She is a skilled hacker and programmer, working on the black market as a skilled dipper to subsidize the family's finances (as Vernon was a retired CTAC officer). However, shortly before the start of the show, she was captured and sentenced to 30 years.

Throughout the series

Ava is first mentioned by Elliot while interrogated by Takeshi. Later on, when Takeshi tries to interrogate a prostitute in Jack It Off, he lies and falsely presents himself as Ava, being cross-sleeved, in order to gain her trust. When Takeshi returns, he is however abducted by Dimi 2.

After Rei orders Takeshi to close the Bancroft murder case, he requests a dipper for the ruse, and has Ava brought back, officially pardoned. Takeshi meets Ava, who is cross-sleeved, along with Mister Leung. While Takeshi is incredulous with Ava being cross-sleeved, Leung balks at his anger. Ava, suffering from sleeve sickness and visible shock from being cross-sleeved into a man, is seen shivering.

Ava is taken by Takeshi to the The Raven Hotel where she reunites with Vernon (albeit awkwardly due to her being in a male sleeve). She also reunites with Lizzie, visibly saddened by her fate, and later on, goes with Vernon into a bar to reconnect and catch up with recent events. Later on, she teams up with Takeshi and helps fabricate evidence against Prescott. Later on, she helps Takeshi when he constructs a clone for himself by helping him insert a microscopic camera into his eye. She also helps infect Rei's DHF with Rawling virus, and blocks her backup so she will be unable to transfer into a new stack, essentially trapping her to a single stack.

While working with Mickey, the Raven is attacked by Mister Leung, who infects Poe with a virus, essentially destroying him. She furiously snaps at Leung when he RD's Mickey by shooting him through a stack, and she is abducted and brought into Head in The Clouds, held hostage with Vernon and Ortega as a bargaining chip against Takeshi, but is saved by Lizzie, and later on, escorted from Head in The Clouds.

She is granted a UN pardon for her role in destroying Rei's criminal empire, and is returned into her original sleeve (as Takeshi has paid off her sleeve hold to ensure her body is not resleeved by someone else). She is last seen having lunch with Vernon and Lizzie in their apartment-


Ava is a charming, loving and a rather pleasant person, being happily married with Vernon. She worked as a dipper, maintaining a certain degree of professionalism and being a skilled hacker. She is also a loving mother to Lizzie, and is devastated upon learning of her fate. She is affectionate towards Vernon, albeit is somewhat saddened in being unable of having intimacy with him at the start (due to her being cross-sleeved),

Despite being a career criminal, she has a personal code of ethics; she was disgusted when she had to frame Prescott for Bancroft's murder, and was visibly disgusted upon hearing that Head in The Clouds has child sleeves to use as prostitutes.

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  • Ava is the second character in the series who has been cross-sleeved after Rei (who uses a male sleeve of Hemingway as an official cover in her criminal empire).
  • Her cross-sleeving was foreshadowed when Takeshi impersonates her in Jack It Off, lying that he is Ava and has been cross-sleeved. Later on, in an ironic twist of fate, Ava is brought back cross-sleeved herself.
  • Ava is the only dipper seen in the series.




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