The Battle of Stronghold was a battle on Harlan's World. It resulted in the destruction of Quellcrist Falconer's Uprising. As a team of rebels prepares to storm a C.T.A.C. base, they are suddenly counter-attacked by C.T.A.C, who firebomb the area and launch the Rawling Virus, which tampers with the Cortical Stack's directly, causing most of the Envoys to go insane due to their stacks being corrupted. Takashi, being out of the blast range, managed to survive. He flees with Reileen and Quell, who also evaded the virus, and sends them to a transport shuttle so they could flee, while he buys time by fighting CTAC. However, just as the shuttle flees, it is suddenly destroyed by a laser, killing both Quell and Reileen. Takashi, witnesses the event in horror; galvanizing him into seclusion from CTAC as he flees the scene.

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