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"Clash by Night" is the eighth episode of the Season One of Netflix's Altered Carbon. It aired on February 2, 2018, along with the remainder of the first season.

Promotional synopsis

His world rocked, Kovacs requests a dipper to help him sew up the Bancroft case quickly. Ortega races to identify the mystery woman from Fight Drome.


Our story begins with a flashback to the Battle of Stronghold as Takeshi Kovacs narrates. In the present Takeshi asks Reileen Kawahara why she did it? Reileen tells Takeshi she was trying to save them; that the Envoys and Quell were not their family, they were just soldiers. Takeshi tells Reileen that she took everyone he knew and loved away from him. Reileen tells Takeshi that she tried to bust him out of prison, and she succeeded once she got Bancroft to sign the release papers. Takeshi asks her why she used the sleeves? Reileen counters that she just watched because Takeshi thought she was dead and that he did not trust her. Reileen tells Takeshi that Dimi was supposed to talk to Takeshi at The Raven but when he bungled the job and got wasted by Poe she had to send in Mister Leung and Dimi 2. Dimi bungled the job again and tried to kill Takeshi at Fightdrome so Reileen had to act and bring him to Head in the Clouds. Takeshi tells Reileen that she killed the Envoys and she counters that Quell brainwashed them, that the uprising was doomed from the start. Takeshi does not believe her and tells her that she became everything the Envoys despise. Reileen tells her that it does not matter and when she is done they be put in children sleeves and live forever. Takeshi grabs Reileen's sword and puts it to her throat and tells Reileen that he loved Quell and that she will pay for murdering her. Reileen says that if Takeshi kills her she will come back as a clone. Takeshi drops the sword.

Back in Licktown, Sandy Kim is trying to get a story. Ortega tells her no comment and heads inside BCPD Headquarters. Before she goes inside she encounters Oumou outside and tells her everything that they told Sandy Kim is a lie. Oumou agrees and tells Ortega that Sandy Kim is on her payroll and tells her to watch her back. Inside Ortega gets into an argument with Tanaka and is called into his office. Tanaka tells Ortega to go home and she counters with telling Tanaka that he is on the take and to resign. Ortega asks Tanaka for answers, but Tanaka does not give them to her. Ortega storms out and goes to Mickey.

Back at Head in the Clouds Takeshi has a conversation with Reileen and he brings up their mom. Reileen does not like this and tells Takeshi the real reason why he is here. Reileen tells Takeshi to drop the case and give Bancroft fake evidence. Reileen lets slip she drugged Bancroft with Stallion and had Tanaka alter the coroner's report. Takeshi tells her 'no' and she summons Mister Leung. Reileen tells Takeshi that Leung works for her and that she owns the Wei Clinic. Takeshi tells her that he was tortured and killed 100 times with Reileen countering that if Takeshi does not cooperate, she will kill his allies and torture them in VR. Takeshi agrees and tells Reileen that he is getting Ava out of prison.

Back at BCPD Mickey and Ortega go over the evidence and get ready for their part of the plan to track down Reileen. Ortega hands Mickey the blood sample and tries to restart the trace program. Mickey tells her that he shut it down, but agrees to trace the blood. Ortega goes home to wash off the blood.

Back at Head in the Clouds Mister Leung escorts Takeshi to a cab and on the way calls Raileen a goddess. Takeshi calls him insane for believing that. Leung places a hood over Takeshi and they head to Alcatraz.

Back at BCPD Ortega comes back and asks for an update on the status of the blood trace. Mickey tells Ortega that Takeshi is at Alcatraz and to get over there now.

At Alcatraz, Takeshi pays Ava's bail but the technicians have made a mistake and cross-sleeved Ava into a man. Leung tells Takeshi to distract Ortega and he does so but before he sends her a coded message with her assignment.

Back at the Raven, Elliot and Poe are watching Lizzie's training. Elliot is disappointed that Poe taught his daughter how to use knives. Takeski comes in with Ava and Elliot wonders who the stranger is with him? Ava tells her husband to calm down and that she is indeed Ava Elliot just cross-sleeved. Takeshi explains the plan they will use Ava to upload a virus into an AI as a test then they will use the Rawlings Virus to take down Reileen. Ava asks where Lizzie is and Poe uploads her into the simulation. They watch as Lizzie destroys a target dummy, then Ava confronts Poe on why he is teaching her daughter combat. Poe explains he is teaching her to defend herself. Lizzie then hugs her parents and shows them and Poe her skills. She grabs a pistol and blows up the Jack It Off sign. Back in the real, Ava confronts Takeshi. He explains to Ava that Reileen tortured Lizzie at the Wei Clinic by inserting parasites into her body which killed her birth sleeve and damaged her stack. Takeshi tells Ava he will get Lizzie a new body if she agrees to help him with the plan. Ava agrees and they get to work creating a virus. Takeshi hands Ava the Envoy stacks and Ava hesitates, saying that Rawling is dangerous because it can destroy AIs, corrupt computers, and kill stacks. Takeshi tells Ava if she does not do her job Lizzie will not have a mother or father. Ava agrees and she injects Poe with the virus.

Inside the AI Management Union Poe infects Dick and Prick Up gets shut down. In the real Takeshi explains this to Bancroft while Tanaka, Miriam, Isaac, and, Clarissa watch. Vernon and Ava fake the footage to show Bancroft going inside the establishment when we know he and Isaac were at Fightdrome. Next they frame Oumou for murder and she denies it. Tanaka goes to arrest Oumou but Bancroft spares her. Tanaka places Oumou under arrest and she loses her license. Isaac and Miriam also leave. Bancroft pardons Takeshi and Clarissa congratulates him for playing them a lie before she leaves. Takeshi talks to Quell about what he did and Takeshi gives his monolog. Takeshi looks through the telescope and sees Head in the Clouds. Takeshi has discovered the truth and he vows to bring Reileen down.

In Licktown Ortega just got back from the hospital showered and stitched up and she ask Mickey about the blood trace. Mickey tells her that Reileen is at Psychasec and she heads there.

To get into Psychasec Ortega runs into Gus at the Noodle Stall and he lets her into the facility.

At Psychasec Ortega heads into Reileen's Vault and she gets locked in. Reileen's clones wake up and jump out of their pods naked. Ortega and Reileen battle it out and Ortega kills all the clones before Reileen clears the remaining ones and puts them back to sleep. Reileen then backs herself up into the school girl and takes Ortega hostage before she steals her sleeve.



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