The United Nations Colonial Tactical Assault Corps ( Abbr.  UNCTAC; CTAC) ( Fr.  Corps Colonial de l'Assault Tactique des Nations unies) is a terrestrial army corps of the military of the United Nations Protectorate. It is tasked with immediate responses to acts of terrorism and rebellion on human worlds. Its members are highly skilled trained-to-kill soldiers. The corps saw a huge involvement and funding in the Uprising, being credited with finally putting an end to it. Since, it has become the most prominent police force of the UN government.

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CTAC is used as a special forces unit to suppress criminal activities in the protectorate. They operate by needlecasting from world to world using sleeves requested and maintained by CTAC.

In combat, CTAC soldiers use powerful firearms and close quarters martial arts.

To train their operatives, CTAC burn out their soldiers evolved violence limitation instincts found in the human psyche, and replace them with the conscious will to do harm.

CTAC operatives use reacclimation drugs to better use their combat sleeves.

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