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Danica Harlan is the charming and ambitious governor of the planet Harlan's World. She has the support of the people but keeps an uneasy grip on the political players who surround her.[1]


Danica was born to Konrad Harlan at an unknown point in time. Owing to comments by others about her not understanding the concept of real death and how they explored the universe without the need for Needlecasting, her birth date was after the discovery of Cortical Stacks. She grew up on Harlan's World. She came to view her fathers' willingness to provide the U.N.I.P. with the necessary alloy for Stacks as a weakness, believing that he was ignoring a chance to become the leading political player in the Settled Worlds. In or around the year 2414, she killed him and assumed his position as Governor of Harlan's World. Danica told people that Konrad hat joined The Renouncers and that is why he could not be contacted. She also paid the leader of the Renouncers a large sums of money to tell this story. She aimed to become the leading political player in the known universe by controlling the alloy shipment. She even went so far as to orchestrate an uprising of Quellist revolutionaries to drive up the price of alloy.


Danica has shown herself to be intelligent and as someone with long-term plans and the ruthlessness and ambition to achieve those plans. She wished to be the leading political player in the universe, but to do so, she had to murder her own father and assume his place as Governor of Harlan's World, concoct a revolution, and use the threat of no further alloy for Cortical Stacks; she was able to do so without anyone suspecting anything.