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Dimi 2 is the illegal copy of Dimitri Kadmin. After the death of his "brother," Dimi attempts to extract information from Takeshi Kovacs, believing him to be Elias Ryker.

Kovacs managed to kill Dimi's sleeve, then handed his Cortical Stack over to Kristin Ortega. Spun up into a new body, Dimi escaped police custody with the help of Mister Leung on behalf of Hemingway. Hemingway declared Kovacs off-limits, but Dimi wanted revenge and allied with Carnage to take out both Kovacs and Ortega while wearing a cloned sleeve of the body Kovacs wore when arrested by Jaeger. Kovacs and Ortega managed to kill Dimi 2, with Ortega crushing his stack.



Dimi 2 was created by Dimitri Kadmin for his occupation as a world-class hitman, and they have both operated for at least a century, on claims from Dimi 2. Despite him being nothing more than Dimitri's copy, they shared a close, brotherly bond, even though they operated separately.

When Elias Ryker abducted and tortured a UN system administrator over the death of Mary Lou Henchy due to the fact that her stack was religiously coded and unable to testify (as Ryker, her childhood friend, suspected a foul play in her stack being coded), Dimi 2 murdered the systems administrator and framed Ryker for the murder.

Throughout the series

Dimi 2 first appears in a virtual interrogation room at the Wei Clinic. He mercilessly tortures Takeshi Kovacs to learn the truth behind his brother's murder, believing Takeshi to be Elias Ryker due to the former's new sleeve. Thanks to his Envoy training, however, Takeshi escapes the torture chamber and kills everyone at the clinic, decapitating Dimi in the process.

Takeshi later hands over Dimi's stack (and head) to Kristin Ortega for interrogating. Ortega spins him up in a new body at Police HQ, but he mocks them both and refuses to talk once he realizes that he is not in a VR interrogation unit (meaning they cannot physically torture him). Police Captain Tanaka puts a stop to the interrogation and orders Dimi escorted out. Unfortunately, Mister Leung infiltrates the building and ambushes Kristin and Samir in the elevator. Dimi helps Leung fight the detectives and watches as Leung kills Samir and mortally wounds Ortega, unaware this will be his undoing. Dimi and Leung then escape from the police station.

Dimi 2 and Leung rendezvous with Hemingway (an alias of Reileen Kawahara). Hemingway orders Dimi to leave Takeshi alone, but he is too consumed with revenge to listen. He prepares to kill Hemingway during the latter's memory backup, but Leung prevents him from doing so. Later, as Leung escorts him to a safe house, Dimi escapes and quickly agrees to a deal with someone before needle casting into a clone of Takeshi's original sleeve. The benefactor is revealed to be Carnage, proprietor of Panama Rose Fightdrome.

Later, Dimi 2 ambushes Takeshi and Kristin at a cybercafe and brings them back to Fightdrome. As part of their agreement, Carnage gets to satisfy all of Ryker's old enemies and simultaneously eliminate the detectives for threatening to expose the only loophole in his "no surveillance" policy, while Dimi is given the chance to exact revenge on "Ryker". Though Takeshi and Kristin hold their own against the arena's other opponents, Dimi 2 gains the upper hand using his sleeve's superior agility and knives coated with Reaper (a drug that simulates near-death experience). Dimi taunts Takeshi and plans to kill Kristin in front of him, but Tak manages to lure him away. Though Dimi fatally stabs his opponent, Takeshi manages to incapacitate Dimi and remove his cortical stack. He tosses Dimi 2's stack to Ortega and she crushes it with her new mechanical arm, ending his existence once and for all.


Like his "brother", Dimi 2 was sadistic and psychotic from being double sleeved one-too-many times. Despite this, he held a great deal of respect and admiration for his "brother", the original Dimitri Kadmin, and would stop at nothing to avenge his demise, to the point that he willingly betrayed Reileen to exact revenge against "Ryker".

Memorable quotes

"Wakey Wakey, eggs and bakey!"

"eta gruva"


  • Despite being a copy of Dimitri Kadmin and both working for Rei, they worked separately on different operations. As such, Dimi 2 had no knowledge of Takeshi Kovacs's existence, believing him to be Elias Ryker (due to Takeshi being spun in Ryker's body):
  • Dimi 2 inhabited the second-highest number of sleeves in the series, only behind Rei, and ahead of Takeshi, controlling a total of 4 different sleeves (when including his deceased brother's sleeve in the VR interrogation).




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