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Elias Ryker was the partner and lover of Kristin Ortega.


Elias Riker was an officer of the Bay City Police Department and a childhood friend of Mary Lou Henchy.

Throughout the series

After the death of his close childhood friend Mary Lou Henchy was ruled a suicide when her religious coding prevented her from being spun back up, Ryker began his own investigation and started to act erratically. Abducting a senior CTAC administrator, Ryker beat him to learn the truth about Mary Lou's death and coding, as a senior CTAC administrator would be needed for such coding. Ryker believed there was a conspiracy involving fake religious coding and Mary Lou did not convert to NeoCatholicism but was murdered after the religious coding was placed on her stack. Reileen Kawahara then had Ryker abducted murdered and framed for murder, in order to prevent him from uncovering her business of applying religious coding to murder victims to cover up her crimes and the crimes of other wealthy Meths. After Ryker was placed in storage his sleeve was purchased by Laurens Bancroft and used to re-sleeve Takeshi Kovacs.


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