"Experiment Perilous" is the seventh episode of Season Two of Netflix's Altered Carbon. It aired on February 27, 2020, along with the remainder of the second season.

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When Quell's sleeve begins to shut down, Poe and Ms. Dig send her into VR, where Kovacs finally learns the truth about her deadly rampages.

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  • Renée Elise Goldsberry as Quellcrist Falconer
  • Neal McDonough as Konrad Harlan
  • James Saito as Tanaseda Hideki
  • David Cubitt as Dugan
  • Michael Shanks as Horace Axley
  • Sharon Taylor as Myka
  • Oliver Rice as Mattias Stone
  • Victor Zinck Jr. as Anton Durov
  • Kevan Ohtsji as Haruki Okada
  • Mark Acheson as Gertie the Fence
  • Orlando Lucas as TJ
  • Kareem Tristan Alleyneas Anil Imani

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