"Fallen Angel" is the second episode of the Season One of Netflix's Altered Carbon. It aired on February 2, 2018, along with the remainder of the first season.

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While Kovacs tracks down a man who sent Bancroft a death threat, Lt. Ortega bends the rules to keep tabs on his whereabouts.

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Takeshi narrates as two fishermen fish in a cooling pool. Overhead the body of Mary Lou Henchy drops out of the sky and lands in the pool leading to her sleeve death. The boy pulls Mary Lou out of the water but his father tells him to leave her.

The scene now shifts to Harlan's World and the Battle of Stronghold and Takeshi has a nightmare.

Takeshi wakes up naked to Poe's alarm clock and Poe and Oumou Prescott enter his room. Takeshi thinks Oumou is a Synth hooker but Poe and Oumou tell him that she is Laurens Bancroft's lawyer and that she has a job for him. Poe covers Takeshi's body with Oumou's briefcase and hands him his clothes which he washed and Oumou and Takeshi depart for Psychasec.

Across town at Ortega's apartment Kristin Ortega is waking up and activates Hawkeye. Ortega gets dressed, grabs her gear and heads to the BCPD.

Ortega begins her day kickboxing with her partner Samir. Samir finds Hawkeye and tells Ortega that she needs to be careful or she will be reported. Ortega hits the punching bag hard and bruises her hands and asks Hawkeye where Takeshi is? Hawkeye reports back that Takeshi has reported in at Psychasec Labs.

At Psychasec Labs Oumou and Takeshi check-in and begin their tour of the facility before heading down to the Bancroft Vault.

In the vault, the clones wake up and are stimulated to keep them alive until the next needlecast. Oumou thinks a dipper is involved with the hack on the satellite and explains to Takeshi and the audience what a dipper is.

Oumou and Takeshi watch the security feed just as a pod opens and the naked forms of Laurens Bancroft and his wife Miriam enter the vault and get dressed right in front of them and they talk about the Osaka trip before Takeshi and Bancroft go for a walk.

Bancroft gives Takeshi his assignment. Someone has been posting death threats on Suntouch House's ONI feed and Bancroft wants Takeshi to find out who made the most recent one.

Ortega arrives and checks in with Takeshi and tells him to watch his back.

Poe checks in with the other AI's in the AI Management Union. The AIs gord Poe over his unpaid debts and Poe tells them Takeshi has checked in. Poe disapproves of Maddy operating Fightdrome and the other AIs tell Poe who they became. The AIs spend the whole game gording Poe that he walks out and returns to the hotel.

At the BCPD Ortega heads to her desk and Tanaka comes in. Ortega was late for the briefing and he gives her her case. Mary Lou's mother Mrs. Henchy is in the interview room demanding Ortega release Mary Lou's body and her stack.

At the hotel Poe and Takeshi watch the security feeds, but Poe's TV is so old he forgot to upgrade it. Poe tells Takeshi to use his ONI and Takeshi uses his Envoy training and his memories of Quell to narrow down the suspects to one who is identified as Vernon Elliot. Elliot is seen in his video pointing an energy rifle at the camera. Takeshi uses the serial number to get Vernon's address and takes a tram pod over to Bridgetown.

Hawkeye informs Ortega that Takeshi is in Bridgetown.

Takeshi steps off the train and picks up a poster of Quell before stepping inside Elliot's Data Brokerage forcing the door in the process.

Elliot is not happy that Takeshi booted his door. Takeshi shows Elliot the threats and they get into a fight with Takeshi buffaloing Elliot and tying him up.

Elliot wakes up and Takeshi eats his food which is rotten. Elliot tells Takeshi that Ava is a dipper and she got 30 years in the tank in connection with this case. Takeshi finds out that Lizzie is Vernon's daughter. Takeshi notices ports on the side of Elliot's head which means he has a VR machine in his shop.

Takeshi heads into Lizzie's bedroom and puts on the VR headset just as Lizzie's stack is lowered into the tank.

In the VR world Takeshi sees the night Lizzie died and walks outside of Jack It Off and finds Lizzie in the ally beaten up and her mind broken.

Takeshi takes off the headset and confronts Elliot. Lizzie is in a trauma loop and will need psycho therapy to get her mind back. Elliot and Takeshi have another fight and Takeshi knocks Elliot out again.

Takeshi tells Elliot he needs to get out of his container and get good food because the stuff he has is rotten. Takeshi pays Elliot for the food and the door and leaves the container and heads back to the hotel.

On the train Takeshi looks at the poster and heads to the museum where the stacks of his fallen comrades are in a glass case.

An annoying school girl comes up to him and tells him a line from his childhood about grudges and Takeshi brushes it off.

Later Ortega returns to her apartment and her mother is there. Alazne Ortega is not happy to see her daughter and they have an argument about why Ortega does not unpack her belongings, why she refuses to eat, and why she leaves her panties and bra on the floor with Ortega snatching them up. Ortega wins the argument and tells Alazne she is staying. They then have an argument about Religious Coding and NeoCatholicism. Ortega has renounced her coding and does not want anything to do with NeoCathlicism. She explains why Proposition 653 needs to be passed because with NeoCathlicism it is impossible to solve murders because of the codes. Hawkeye chirps and Ortega answers it Takeshi is at Jack It Off.

In Licktown Takeshi heads to Jack It Off passing the buildings he saw in VR. In the shadows Mister Leung follows him.

Takeshi goes inside Jack It Off and meets Anemone and questions her. The bouncer The Mongol tells him to take a towel and not to steal it. Anemone tells Takeshi that Lizzie was seeing Bencroft the night she was murdered and explains if a john abuses a sleeve they get charged. Anemone tells Takeshi her real name is Alice and to come back tomorrow night.

Outside Elliot is waiting for him and takes his mag and scolds him about going inside Jack It Off.

Suddenly they get ambushed by The Mongol and two goons who are Stiff dealers and they have to fight them off.

Ortega arrives and Takeshi is arrested for organic damage.

At the station Ortega questions him about the case and tells him she will do everything in her power to stop Takeshi.

Oumou arrives and bails Takeshi out and tells Ortega she stepped out of bounds and tells her she will go to the chief in the morning.

Later Ortega goes to the morgue shows us she had Mary Lou's body all along. Mary Lou's naked body rest on a slab her stack has been removed and is in Ortega's hand. Ortega vows to find her killer and get Proposition 653 passed so she can testify about who killed her.

At the hotel Poe is watching Dragnet just as Takeshi walks in. Poe suggest being Takeshi's partner but Takeshi refuses and heads up the elevator to his room to take a shower and to wash off the blood.

Poe meets Takeshi in the elevator and tells him he has a guest in his room.

Takeshi heads to his room and finds Miriam inside. He ask why she is in his room and Miriam tells him she is interested in the case.

Miriam tells Takeshi about her children and why she needs her husband.

Miriam tells Takeshi about Merge9 and that she was made at Nikamura Labs to produce the drug in her sexual fluids. She later seduces Takeshi with her body and offers herself to him in the nude and they make love with a Bug watching the whole thing controlled by Mister Leung.

In the confessional Ortega talks to the priest while holding Mary Lou's stack. In the morgue the undertaker finds Mary Lou's body on the slab out of the vault.

At Suntouch House Bancroft looks at the splatter on the wall.

Ortega exits the confessional and returns to her desk.

Takeshi is laying on his bed with Miriam laying next to him while a Bug is filming their love making controlled by Mister Leung from afar.


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