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Holly Togram was the tattoo artist for The Yakuza clan. When she discovered the coup plans of Shinji, he tried to have her killed. However, Takeshi Kovacs—under the alias of Ken—and Gena protected her from the Tech Ninjas.[2]

Her real name is Margot and she is the one that invented the tattoo program by Mizumoto syndicate's founder idea. She was using Mizumoto syndicate's help to look for her parents stacks.


Holly was running from the yakuza, wanting to leave the planet, but as she got attacked by ninjas, she was saved by Takeshi. A bit later, she escaped from Takeshi, but ran into Gena of UN's CTAC, but again she got attacked by ninjas. When Takeshi and Gena killed the ninjas, she revealed they were sent by Shinji, who was planning a coup in Mizumoto syndicate.

They took her back to Mizumoto syndicate's headquarters, the Wild Geese hotel, where she continued to work on Shinji's took preparing for his succession. A day before the succession, another ninja attack occurred, but this time with Ogai's help, they survived the attack.

On the day of succession, after a blackout, Holly disappeared. She went with Genzo to Shinji, where she drugged Shinji as they were preparing for earlier succession. Genzo was the Founder of the syndicate, who was being transferred to the successor body little before the succession occurs and the one dying from the tattoo program was already empty body. She deleted Shinji's stack and transferred Genzo's in it. She tried to activate the destruction program on Shinji's body to kill the Founder, but he caught her. Holly revealed that Gena had found evidence that the Founder had been keeping her parents stacks. The founder then took out two stacks and destroyed them.

When Takeshi and Gena came and fought the Founder, Holly asked Ogai for help, but he couldn't do it as Shinji was the new boss, but after Tanaseda's information Ogai realized who Shinji was and attacked him. In the end Takeshi managed to defeat the Founder and Holly activated the destruction tattoo program.

As they bid farewell, Ogai revealed Holly was Margot, the one who invented the tattoo program and asked her if she wants to change her sleeve as usual as she was getting taller, but Holly decided to remain in this one, so that one day Takeshi and Gena can recognize her.