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"In a Lonely Place" is the third episode of the Season One of Netflix's Altered Carbon. It aired on February 2, 2018, along with the remainder of the first season.

Promotional synopsis

Kovacs recruits an unlikely partner to watch his back during a banquet at the Bancroft home, where Ortega oversees the night's grisly entertainment.


The story begins with a recap to Takeshi's childhood on Harlan's World with Reileen Kawahara. They are reading a book about a violent man who kills kids similar to their father. In the present Takeshi is taking his shower to wash the blood off from his fight with the stiff dealers and the Merge9 from last nights lovemaking. Takeshi gets dressed and Poe delivers him an invitation to the party at Suntouch House. Poe also tells him security was hacked and that he found the Bug and explains about how Mister Leung taped his and Miriam's lovemaking. Takeshi sees the footage and he is disgusted.

Bancroft calls and tells Takeshi to meet him at Suntouch House at 7:00PM. Poe tells Takeshi that Bancroft knows. Takeshi tells Poe he will need backup. Poe tells Takeshi he will have to sit this one out and tells him he is an AI and not a bodyguard and that he can only travel on the Array.

Takeshi has an idea he will employ Vernon Elliot as his backup, but in order to get the plan to work Poe needs to convert one of the rooms into a psychiatric office and they need to train Lizzie. Poe gets the licence and starts transforming one of the AI rooms into his psychiatric office. Takeshi goes to Bridgetown to pick up Elliot and Lizzie.

At BCPD Headquarters Ortega is called into Chief Tanaka's office. Oumou is waiting for her and has a job for her, Takeshi, and Elliot. The entertainment for Bancroft's party includes a gladiator pit and the chief and Oumou want them there to make sure no one gets hurt since this involves organic damage. Ortega grudgingly takes the assignment but realizes this is the break she was after since it might shed some light into Mary Lou Henchy's murder.

In Bridgetown Takeshi heads to Elliot's Data Brokerage and once again breaks and enters into the shop. Elliot once again has his gun on Takeshi and Takeshi tells him he will knock him on his duff and tie him up again if he sees a gun drawn on him ever again and quickly disarms him. Takeshi tells Elliot about his assignment and about Bancroft's gladiator pit and offers him to serve as backup in exchange for Takeshi and Poe giving Lizzie psychotherapy and training. Elliot agrees and they head to the Raven.

At the hotel Takeshi introduces Elliot to Poe and Elliot hands Poe Lizzie's stack keeping his end of the bargain telling Poe not to do anything to damage Lizzie any further or he will erase Poe and demolish the Raven. Poe agrees and Takeshi and Elliot head off to Licktown to buy guns.

Back at BCPD Headquarters Ortega is going over her cases and tells Samir that the party is the lead she is after. Samir tells Ortega to drop it and acts overprotective. Ortega tells Samir that she is headed to the party and that every Meth at the party is a suspect.

In Licktown a reporter tells the citizens that Day of the Dead is coming up and to get their sugar skulls. Takeshi tells Elliot how he got his name and they head to the arms dealer who is selling candy on the corner. Elliot tells Takeshi to find the scanner with the dealer telling Elliot he does not do that. Takeshi finds the scanner and pays and the three of them head into a secret room to buy guns. The dealer tries to strong arm them with his wares most of which are outdated weapons and Elliot tells the dealer they want CTAC weapons, not outdated stuff. The dealer opens a secret compartment in his cart and brings out an Ingrum 40 Flechette Gun and almost slags our heroes. Takeshi buys the gun and they go in the back to get Tebbit Knives. Elliot buys a Sunjet 2320 and with their guns in hand they return to the Raven to check on Poe. Takeshi has another flashback of Quell and his Envoy training.

Back at the Raven, Takeshi and Elliot check on Poe and Lizzie and find out Poe is making progress. Lizzie is starting to come out of her trauma loop and starts speaking. Takeshi tells Elliot to watch his back and focus on the mission that was assigned to them and not to slag Bancroft.

At the party Takeshi and Elliot have their weapons and drugs taken by security. Elliot impersonates a server and gives drinks to the Meths. Ortega arrives wearing a nice dress and her weapons are also taken.

Takeshi has a smoke and Miriam comes up to him. Takeshi explains to Miriam about the bug and that their lovemaking was taped. Bancroft comes over and summons Takeshi into his study.

Ortega is on the balcony and she and Samir start scanning tags. Ortega notices Korvacs is at the party and Samir tells her to relax. Ortega then heads to the gladiator pit and ask the two gladiators for their ids. Takeshi enters the gladiator pit and tells Ortega he likes her dress. Ortega and Takeshi talk to the gladiators and Ortega leaves to get a drink. Ortega ask why Takeshi is at Suntouch House and tells him the Bancroft case is closed. Takeshi tells her it is still open and that someone placed a bug in his room. Across the atrium we see exactly who placed the bug as Mister Leung arrives. Takeshi tells Ortega about his night of lovemaking with Miriam and changes the subject to why Mister Leung planted the bug in the first place. Ortega tells Takeshi to stay out of her way. Bancroft pulls Takeshi aside and Takeshi digs at him for what he did at Jack It Off to the hookers. Bancroft tells Takeshi not to cross him and that he is drawing the line.

Down below Isaac gets into a fight with another meth and Bancroft tells Takeshi that Isaac still can't hold his liquor.

Takeshi talks to the other meths. about why someone would want to kill Bancroft.

Ortega is making her way across the atrium when she spots Mister Leung. Ortega tries to scan his id but he is blocking her ONI making it impossible to scan him. Takeshi heads upstairs to a bedroom hidden behind a secret passage. Inside the room, Curtis is banging Miriam. Takeshi interrupts their lovemaking and Curtis leaves. Turns out this is not Miriam because Miriam just had a needlecast. This stack is Naomi and she is using Miriam's old sleeve to use up the last of its supply of Merge9. Naomi tells Takeshi she will be broke if Bancroft dies. It is also revealed Naomi is a socialite and a shopaholic.

Isaac is having an argument with two Yakuza heavies. Takeshi breaks up the fight and pulls Isaac aside. Isaac says Bancroft and the whole family have clones before he runs off. Oumou arrives and calms Isaac down before he runs off.

Clarissa Severin arrives and she says another line from Takeshi's childhood and his Envoy days and he brushes it off.

Takeshi has a conversation with Oumou and she scolds him about his reaction to Isaac. Takeshi ask who was invited and Oumou tells him that only Takeshi, Oumou, Ortega, and Elliot were invited. Oumou also reveals Clarissa bailed Takeshi out.

The meths show off their offerings with Isaac bringing in a severed hand. Clarissa shows the meths her pet snake and says another line from Takeshi's Envoy days.

While this is going on Elliot sneaks into the security room and gets the guard drunk. Elliot manages to get his, Takeshi's and Ortega's weapons back and takes the bag. He reaps the guard and hacks into the mainframe.

Bancroft introduces Takeshi and has everyone go to the gladiator pit and the fight begins. The meths are enjoying themselves but Ortega and Takeshi are disgusted about Bancroft's form of entertainment.

Takeshi decides enough is enough and enters the gladiator pit with the meths calling for his death. Ortega tries to stop the fight but the codes are locked and even Elliot is having a hard time hacking in.

Elliot finally manages to hack in and Takeshi contacts him and Elliot says he is downloading and he will contact him later.

Elliot finally has the data he needs and leaves the security room and takes the bag with everyone's weapons.

Ortega still tries to stop the fight but Bancroft tells her he does not care. Bancroft hands the gladiators and Takeshi ninja stars and Elliot arrives just in time to give Ortega her gun and she shoots the gravity generator ending the fight.

The two gladiators tell Takeshi that if they don't die they don't get paid and Takeshi knives the husband. Takeshi tells Bancroft to upgrade his gladiators and take his winnings and he agrees.

Bancroft reveals he hired Mister Leung to spy on Takeshi and tells him to keep his hands off of Miriam. Bancroft asks for a report but Takeshi says he has nothing and walks out.

Takeshi scolds Elliot for letting his guard down but the mission was accomplished nonetheless. Elliot says he got what they came for the security footage of the night Lizzie died now they have one more piece of evidence to close the case.

Takeshi and Ortega voice their objections of the meths and admit they are scum. Takeshi introduces Elliot to Ortega and the three of them part ways.

Later that night Takeshi goes to Jack It Off for follow up. Takeshi talks to Alice but she drugs him with Stiff and he crashes through the biocabin. The Mongol and Dimi 2 kill Alice and take Takeshi with them to their lair. Takeshi takes off his ONI so Elliot and Ortega can find him. When he wakes up Takeshi is at the Wei Clinic strapped to a bed with Alice's mangled sleeve next to him and Dimi 2 and a technician nearby. Takeshi has another flashback of his time with Reileen. In the present Dimi 2 and the technician are still standing over him.



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