Jaeger is a CTAC Praetorian. He led the assault force that eventually arrested Takeshi Kovacs. During the mission, he executed Sarah and blamed the act on Kovacs.

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Jaeger was a hardened CTAC officer of the highest caliber. His unquestioning loyalty to the organization, however, was matched only by his deceit and corruption. He successfully convinced the young Takeshi Kovacs that his sister, Reileen, would be adopted by a loving family, when in reality, she was forcibly recruited by the yakuza. During this time, Jaeger came to view Takeshi as something of a surrogate son, and was particularly hurt by the latter's "betrayal", ruthlessly hunting him across Harlan's World. He had a deep-seated dislike of the Protectorate's enemies, namely Quellcrist Falconer, but was genuinely baffled when she managed to infiltrate his virtual interrogation room to rescue Takeshi.

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