Konrad Harlan is the founder of Harlan's World.


At some point in time, Konrad Harlan led an expedition and colonized Harlan's World, where his family became the ruling family. While he, Tanaseda Hideki, and the other founders of Harlan's World explored the cave system left behind by the Elders's, they discovered a "nursery" of unborn Elders. Since any first contact with an alien species would require the intervention of the United Nations Interstellar Protectorate, with the result that he would lose control of the planet, Konrad and the other founders decided to kill the unborn infants, ignoring Tanaseda Hideki's assertions that it would be genocide.

After this event, Konrad went on to rule Harlan's World as it's governor- been unopposed in this position for several centuries. He was killed in or around the year 2414 by his daughter Danica Harlan. She would state that he had joined a religious group called The Renouncers and that is why he was not able to be contacted by his associates.


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