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Officer Kristin Ortega is a high-ranking Bay City Police Department officer. An Earth native, she was born as a Neo-Catholic, which, by default, required that her cortical stack be programmed to never be resleeved. In time, however, Ortega decided against the incapacity to escape bodily death and renounced her religious claims. She was originally tasked with solving Laurens Bancroft's murder, but she ruled it as a suicide over the evidence.


Not much is known about her past, except that she is from Mexican decent and has a religious family. Her father has died when she was very young, causing her to denounce NeoCatholicism, which allows her to be re-sleeved after her death, something that her mother, a devout Catholic, strongly disagrees with. She works in the Bay City Police Department, with her partner being Samir Abboud, whom she considers as a second father. She is also close with a BCPD IT expert, Mickey, although she is somewhat opposed to the more pragmatic BCPD chief, Tanaka.

Her former colleague was Elias Ryker, with whom she had a romantic relationship. However, Elias was framed for a real murder and sentenced to prison, leaving her heartbroken.


Kristin is a very tough individual while on duty or investigating incidents off duty, tending to be very verbally aggressive and cold to mask any vulnerability she felt. Among her friends and family, she is a very loving individual.

She has a rather complicated relationship with Takeshi. This is due mainly because he was sleeved in the body of her former lover, Elias, and strongly suspects that Bancroft did this on purpose to antagonize her (although, Elias' body was the most adept and capable sleeve they had in stock). Due to this, she usually treats Takeshi with cold disdain, trying her best to differentiate between Takeshi and Elias. However, as she learns of Takeshi's past, she ultimately grows closer to him, considering him a friend. Ultimately, in sheer frustration and conflicting feelings, she has sex with Takeshi.

She maintains a somewhat naive, idealistic approach in law enforcement, which puts her at odds with her boss, but is unafraid to use unorthodox (and sometimes, illegal) means to solve a case she is on. She is also very close with her immediate family as well as her mother, Alazne Ortega, although their relationship is slightly strained due to her renouncing her religion.


Elias Ryker

Elias was her partner and also ex-lover.

Memorable quotes

  • "I'm unconscious for ten fucking minutes and you start replacing my body parts?"
  • "Are you a believer, you motherfucker?!"