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Officer Kristin Ortega is a high-ranking Bay City Police Department officer. An Earth native, she was born as a Neo-Catholic, which, by default, required that her cortical stack be programmed to never be resleeved. In time, however, Ortega decided against the incapacity to escape bodily death and renounced her religious claims. She was originally tasked with solving Laurens Bancroft's murder, but she ruled it as a suicide over the evidence.

Biography Edit

Probably of mexican descent. Not much is known about her past.

Personality Edit

Kristin is a very tough individual while on duty or investigating incidents off duty. Among her friends and family, she is a very loving individual.

Memorable quotes Edit

  • "I'm unconscious for ten f*cking minutes and you start replacing my body parts?"

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She had a relationship with Elias Ryker.

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