Lizzie Elliot is the daughter of Vernon Elliot and Ava Elliot. Her Cortical Stack was damaged, resulting in Vernon keeping her in a virtual-reality environment to keep her alive.

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Despite coming from a loving family, she was a prostitute working at Jack it Off, where Laurens Bancroft was her regular. At some point, she got pregnant with Bancroft's child and went to the Suntouch House to tell him. Laurens wasn't home at the time, but Miriam was. Unhappy with this "threat" to her rule, Miriam beat her nearly to death, forcibly aborting her child. She then had Prescott hire a fixer to clean it up, where she was driven insane in VR to keep her from ever talking. There was no physical damage to her stack, but mentally she had been driven insane. Her mind had been “broken” from torture at the Wei Clinic (Where Kovacs is later tortured using this same program that is mentioned to have “drove the last person we used it on insane”, implied to be Lizzie). Because her mind is damaged along with her stack she was stuck in trauma loop until she met Poe and was transferred to a new body.

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Takeshi Kovacs first discovers Lizzie in VR while searching her father, Vernon’s residence, where the latter is keeping her stack in virtual reality. While Vernon convinces himself this is what’s best for his daughter, she’s actually trapped in a trauma loop after she was driven mad and subsequently murdered.

As part of Takeshi's agreement with Vernon, Lizzie is brought to The Raven Hotel for protection and rehabilitation, where the hotel's AI caretaker Poe helps Lizzie get her confidence back through extensive virtual therapy and combat training. During this time, both Vernon and later Ava grow unnerved with Poe's unorthodox methods. Nevertheless, Lizzie slowly begins to regain her sanity and is warmly reunited with her parents.

When Reileen Kawahara's men, led by the pious Mister Leung, attack The Raven and abduct Ava, Poe uploads Lizzie's consciousness to Head In The Clouds before he is destroyed, with Lizzie thanking him for his help. After taking control of a synthetic body, killing a curious guard and murdering a patron, Lizzie rescues her parents and holds her own against several of Reileen's henchmen, including Leung himself. Lizzie and her family manage to escape Head In The Clouds before it crashes into the bay.

Some time after, Lizzie finally confronts Miriam for her treachery, resulting in Miriam getting arrested alongside her husband. Lizzie then returns to a normal life with her family, but keeps her new synthetic body.

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Lizzie was a kind and selfless girl, but was driven to insanity after forcibly having her child aborted and being repeatedly psychologically tortured in the virtual world. Under Poe's tutelage, Lizzie becomes more assertive and confident. She has no qualms about killing people outright, but understands that it is necessary to save and protect her family.

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"You shouldn't be afraid for me. You should be afraid for the monsters.."

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