"Man with My Face" is the sixth episode of the Season One of Netflix's Altered Carbon. It aired on February 2, 2018, along with the remainder of the first season.

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With Ortega's fate hanging in the balance, Kovacs drops a bombshell on the Bancrofts. Later, he comes face to face with an unsettling opponent.

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The episode begins with a flashback of young Reileen singing Patchwork Man. In the present we continue where The Wrong Man left off. Kristin Ortega's life hangs in the balance as Takeshi Kovacs races to the hospital in Ortega's car.

At the hospital Takeshi brings Ortega in and pays the bill when Ortega's credits are not enough. In Surgery the doctor says Ortega's arm is too damaged from where Mister Leung stabbed her with the Starfish. Takeshi has four options: Fit Ortega with a Biomech, Clone her arm, Gene Splicing, or go Full Mechanical. Takeshi chooses the latter and buys Ortega a Jager before smashing the screen and telling the doctors to fix her.

Back at the Raven Poe and Lizzie are starting combat training and Lizzie throws Poe across the room. Elliot interrupts the treatment and Lizzie and Poe tell him to get out. Elliot returns to the real word and confronts Poe. Poe tells him he just interrupted Lizzie's treatment and her mind is still unstable. Poe explains that he was teaching Lizzie to defend herself and not attempting to harm her or mess with her. Elliot smashes Poe's shot glasses and Poe goes for his guns. Poe then gets a call from the hospital. Ortega has been injured and Takeshi needs Elliot there right away. Elliot tells Poe their argument is not over and he will be back.

At the hospital Takeshi talks to Quell with Takeshi telling her that Ortega is not expendable and is a fighter. Quell tells him about love with Takeshi telling her that if it were so Quell would not have died for nothing. Elliot arrives for an update and Takeshi tells him what happened and that Ortega is inside resting. Poe calls with a lead for the case Isaac is at Sergei Brevlov's house and is getting ready to sell the art. Poe tells Takeshi to take Elliot with him because they don't have much time since the buy is about to take place. Takeshi tells Elliot that Sergei was at the party and so was Mister Leung. Elliot agrees to go with Takeshi and they head to Sergei's house.

At BCPD Tanaka and the crime lab are cleaning the elevator. Oumou Prescott arrives and voices her objection to Tanaka allowing a cop killer inside BCPD. Oumou tells Tanaka to hand over the clone Takeshi and Ortega picked up at Isaac's and Tanaka summons an officer to take her down to evidence before grabbing her arm. Oumou tells Tanaka never to touch her again and reminds him that he has been bought and that Oumou just works for Bancroft. Tanaka goes down to Mickey's lab and Mickey tells Tanaka about Mister Leung. Tanaka tells Mickey not to think but do his job and accuses him of letting Dimi get away which is half true. Mickey tells Tanaka to apologize to Ortega for him before he walks out.

Across town at a floating garden Dimi and Mister Leung report in to Hemingway. Dimi thanks Mister Leung for busting him out of BCPD and Dimi tells Hemingway he will kill Elias Ryker. Hemingway reminds him that Takeshi is riding this sleeve not Ryker and Dimi lashes out that Takeshi killed his "brother". Hemingway reminds Dimi that he is an illegal copy of a stack that Poe destroyed. Hemingway tells Dimi to leave Takeshi alone or he will be dealt with. Dami grabs a knife and Leung tells Dimi not to interrupt the backup or he will slag his stack. Hemingway tells Leung to take Dimi to a safe house and not to let him wander the streets.

At Sergei's apartment Isaac and Sergei are toasting when Takeshi blows the lock. Takeshi grabs Sergei and tells him he laundered money for Isaac by buying art though a dummy company. Isaac comes into the room and blast the table with an energy rifle. Takeshi and Elliot disarm Isaac and accuse him of using a clone to impersonate his father for the Osaka deal and murder him. Isaac denies this and Sergei gets up and Takeshi disarms him. Elliot grabs Isaac and they head to Suntouch House.

At Suntouch House Takeshi drops a bombshell and accuses Isaac of the murder and has Oumou bring in the clone. Curtis and Oumou bring in the clone and Curtis leaves but Bancroft tells Oumou to stay. Bancroft ask Elliot why he is at Suntouch House and Elliot tells him he does not want to get involved with the case and that he is just muscle and walks out to wait by the cab. Bancroft and Isaac have an argument with Miriam defending Isaac. Takeshi has a flashback of the day his mom was beat up by his abusive father. Takeshi tells Bancroft that Isaac does not have the nerve to kill his father with Sergei backing him up saying he took Isaac to the hospital the night Bancroft beat him up at Fightdrome. Isaac comes forward and tells Bancroft why he did it he wanted to impress his father. Bancroft picks up the poker and mutilates the clone so Isaac can never use it again. Bancroft tells Takeshi to keep up the good work on the case and dismisses him. In the elevator Oumou and Takeshi have a conversation about Oumou becoming a meth with Oumou saying she has what it takes. Takeshi shows her a photo of Mister Leung and Oumou says she does not know him.

In Licktown Mister Leung is taking Dimi to the safe house. Dimi gives Leung the slip and escapes to the tattoo parlor and makes a call before he Needlecast out.

Turns out the person he called was Carnage and Dimi steals Takeshi's old sleeve.

At the hospital Alazne arrives to check on her daughter and slaps Takeshi for letting his guard down at the station and letting Leung stab Ortega. Alazne then heads down to get some coffee. Elliot looks at the screen and it shows Ortega's operation is almost complete and the cyber arm will soon be activated. Ortega wakes up and says Elias Ryker's name and Takeshi tries to walk out but Elliot reminds him he saved Ortega's life so he stays put.

The next day Ortega wakes up and asks Takeshi where Samir is and Takeshi tells her the truth. Samir did not make it and Leung slagged his stack. Ortega loses her temper and crushes her bed before she realizes she now has a cyber arm. Takeshi tells her he had to give her a cyber arm because she would be dead if he did not do it plus he had Bancroft pay the bill. Takeshi taunts her if she wants she can punch him in the nose with it and Ortega says she will if he taunts her. Tanaka comes in and gives Ortega flowers. Tanaka tells Takeshi and Ortega that Mickey is still on the case and that he will posthumously award Samir the metal of valor. Takeshi tells Tanaka that it is all a lie he does not want Mickey on the case and he disabled the ONI in the station so Mister Leung could smuggle Dimi out. Ortega gets out of bed and tells Takeshi to wait outside.

Ortega wastes no time testing out her arm on Tanaka even going as far as giving him a Rock Bottom into the floor and spearing him into the wall. Tanaka tells Takeshi and Ortega that his contact uses a VR Cafe in Oakland and he uses his ONI to contact him. Ortega gets dressed and Takeshi and Ortega head to Oakland.

At the VR Cafe Ortega pays and the owner tells them to pay by the minute and to keep the VR headsets on low resolution. Takeshi and Ortega go downstairs and Takeshi goes into VR to talk to Hemingway. Outside Dimi arrives with a cutting wire and kills everyone inside the cafe. Inside VR Takeshi talks to Hemingway but Hemingway realizes that Takeshi is impersonating Tanaka and before they can finish their conversation Ortega pulls the plug. In the real world Ortega tells Takeshi that she heard noises upstairs and they head up to investigate. In the cafe Ortega and Takeshi look over the bodies and as Takeshi touches one its head rolls onto the floor. Dimi is near by in Takeshi's old sleeve and throws a pulse grenade to knock them out.

When Ortega and Takeshi come to they are at Fightdrome and Dimi confronts them saying he will have his revenge for what happened at the Raven. Takeshi tells him he will take him out and Ortega tells Dimi she will erase him. Carnage comes down and throws both of them into the gladiator pit where they have to fight Rhino Man, Scary Guy, and Neanderthal. Ortega and Takeshi kill them and Dimi enters the fight. Dimi stabs them with Tebbit Knives which have Reaper in the blade incapacitating Ortega and Takeshi. Before Dimi can take Ortega's head off Takeshi kills him and removes his stack with Ortega crushing it ending Dimitri Kadmin once and for all. Carnage does not like this and orders his muscle to finish them off. Reileen arrives and kills the thugs with her sword before taking off her mask and taking Takeshi back to Head in the Clouds.

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