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Miriam Bancroft is the wife of Laurens Bancroft. Like her husband, she also loves being naked. She is one of the wealthy, near-immortal people called "Meths". When her husband was killed and re-uploaded from his back-up into his new clone sleeve without memory of the last forty-eight hours, he contracted Takeshi Kovacs to solve what he believed was his murder. Miriam was a suspect in the crime as she was one of only two people, the only other being her husband, that had access to the safe that contained the murder weapon. However, Takeshi ruled that she wasn't the killer because she wasn't home at the time of his death. Instead, she was having an affair with another meth.


Miriam Bancroft is the wife of Laurens Bancroft. They have been married for around one hundred years, and have twenty-one children including Isaac and Naomi. Despite their affectionate relationship, they have been known to have affairs, such as Miriam seducing Kovacs and Laurens having affairs with prostitutes.


Sometime before Kovacs was freed, she was in the Suntouch House when Lizzie Elliot visited the house, seeking Laurens, who was away, and when Miriam greeted her, Lizzie announced that she was a prostitute from Jack It Off, a seedy brothel in which Laurens frequented.

In a fit of rage, Miriam brutally beats Lizzie, causing her to miscarry her child. To prevent being prosecuted for the murder of Lizzie's child, Miriam contacts the family attorney, Oumou Prescott, who in turn, has Lizzie abducted and tortured at the Wei Clinic, which causes her to lose her mind.

However, Reileen Kawahara, owner of the Wei Clinic, decides to use Miriam as a pawn, both to repay her debt for having Lizzie tortured and help Rei with her own plans; she has Miriam coat her lips in Stallion drug, which heightens aggression, and infects her husband when she kisses him after his return from Osaka, unknown to him.

Throughout the series

Miriam is first seen at Suntouch House, where she greets Kovacs after he is brought there by Ortega, who is demanding answers on why is a former Envoy employed by the Bancrofts, but Miriam rudely brushes her. She tends to her son, Isaac, who was detained by Samir and escorted to the house for being drunk. Miriam shows Kovacs around the house and casually flirts with him.

After that, she is seen waiting for her husband in Psychasec, where he is scheduled to wake up after being away on a business trip, entering the Bancroft Vault with multiple clones of both her and Laurens and warmly greets Laurens just as he arrives and gets dressed.

She is next seen visiting Kovacs' room in the Raven, where she, out of pure lust for him, seduces him and has sex with him (and due to her body producing Merge9, he is unable to resist).

At the party hosted by Laurens for Meths, she is seen casually entertaining guests with Laurens. Takeshi, after finding a secret room, catches her having sex with a random guest, although it is revealed that it's not her, but her younger daughter, who tends to use her mother's sleeve.


Miriam is a well-spoken, confident and elegant woman. She has learned how to perfectly interact within her prestigious social circles over the course of her many years as a Meth. Throughout the first season, we learn that she knows exactly what she wants -and happily takes any route available to get it. While she is a very smart person she does sometimes play the part of the innocent housewife, specifically to Laurens Bancroft. She's very forward with her intentions, most memorably her advances on Takeshi Kovacs.

Memorable quotes

Have you heard of Empathin?

Merge9 on the street.

That is if you can even get it.

It's a biochemical pheromone.

Puts bodies in touch with one other.

This sleeve is state-of-the-art biochemtech from Nakamura Labs.

I secrete Merge9 when I'm aroused.

It's in my saliva...

in my sweat...

in my cunt.

Don't fight it.

Everything you feel... I feel.

And everything I feel, you feel.





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