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Mister Leung serves Reileen Kawahara as her personal enforcer and hitman. He believes that those who use Cortical Stacks to achieve immortality are divine, and devotes himself to further their cause. Mister Leung has a technology that allows him to erase his presence from all forms of electronic surveillance, leading to him being dubbed the "Ghostwalker."



Throughout the series


Leung is a pious psychopath. Unlike Dimi the Twin, he genuinely believes that everything he does is in service to a higher power, with a tendency to ask others if they feel the same way. He is unflinchingly loyal to Reileen Kawahara and is not above murdering entire families (including children) to fulfill her interests.

Leung reveres Reileen, seeing her as a god-like figure. He is in complete, voluntary servitude with her, and obeys her every command without questioning, no matter the brutality.

Despite his small frame, Leung is a dangerous foe with advanced martial art skills, heightened reflexes and advanced reaction times. He can easily defeat enemies much larger in size. His calm manner and unflinching personality allow him to keep sharp focus on his objectives, such as infiltrating a police station.

Leung, whether with friend or foe, converses with a person in an eloquent, cordial (not friendly) manner, and unlike other characters, speaks with almost bordering on Sesquipedelian tone of speech, frequently using allegories to better describe a current event. He is at odds with Kovacs, who mocks and is disgusted with his subservient, fanatical servitude with his sister, Rei, as well as his abhorrent crimes.

However, despite his calm, sardonic exterior, Leung is an undiluted, violent psychopath. He willingly slaughtered multiple police officers and even RD'd Kirstin's friend and mentor Samir Abboud. He also murdered Kirstin's entire family, including her young nephews, and when trapping her in a VR construct, tortured her by forcing her to relive their deaths over and over again, erasing her memory whenever there is a new loop.

However, despite all this, Leung is shown to be a coward. When Ortega immobilized him by breaking his ankle by squeezing his leg with her titanium arm, Leung panicked and tried to flee. When she knocked him on the ground, begging for mercy and terrified of death, despite her rage and hate-fueled vendetta.

Memorable quotes

"Are you a believer?"

"Fuck You."


  • Mister Leung uses a weapon called the starfish, a bladed weapon resembling a shiruken and attached to a metal, retractable stick, which he mostly uses to rip out stacks from people.
  • Leung is the last antagonist in Season 1 to die on-screen.
  • Leung is always seen wearing formal black attire, in black suit pants, a black Nehru Jacket and polished shoes.




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