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Ogai or Ogai RM 62217, was an AI butler of the Yakuza[2], serving as guide at their headquarters and older luxury hotel on Latimer, the Wild Geese. At one point; he defended Holly Togram against Tech Ninjas.[1]


When Holly came with Takeshi and Gena at the hotel, he welcomed, commenting that Holly again went out again. Ogai wondered if Takeshi and Gena had reservations or if they want they can only dine. He then mentioned there was also a karaoke, but all that started to annoy Takeshi, who told Holly to turn Ogai off, but Ogai then revealed only the current boss, Genzo, can deactivate him. Following then Shinji's orders, Ogai took Takeshi and Gena to their most expensive room.

One day before the succession, Holly and the group were attacked by bullet-proof armor wearing ninjas. Holly wanted Ogai's help, but Ogai was calculating the damages, which went above what the insurance would cover. Holly then said they were attacked, and upon realizing it, Ogai said that Holly was his friend and activated the hotel defense system, shooting arrows with drills, who after drilling into the ninjas, exploded and killed them all.

On the day of the succession, Ogai was in charge of the fireworks and had placed flying devices outside the hotel. Holly then took a picture with Ogai, Takeshi and Gena and asked Ogai to show it. Ogai then was informing which areas were closed for security reasons, when an explosion occurred, causing a blackout, making Ogai go and check it out.

During the succession ceremony, after Takeshi and Gena were loosing to the Founder, Holly asked Ogai for help, but he couldn't not provide it as Shinji was the new boss. Tanaseda then came giving new information to Ogai and after checking it, Ogai realized Shinji's body didn't had his stack, but the stack of the Founder, thus he didn't he wasn't the boss. Ogai then called in the firework devices and started shooting at the Founder in Shinji's body, making the stage collapse on him.

Later, when Takeshi and Gena left, Ogai revealed Holly's real name to be Margot and wondered if she wants a new sleeve like usual as she had grown taller in this one, but Holly refused, wanting to stay in this one, so that Gena and Takeshi can recognize her when she gets older.