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Oumou Prescott is the lawyer retained by the Bancroft family. She is engaged to liaise with the Bay City Police Department and other "lower" individuals for her employers, including Takeshi Kovacs.



Not much is revealed about Prescott, except that she is not a Meth, but rather a ground-born, having attended law school. Sometime before Kovacs was thawed out, she became the family attorney and business colleague of the Bancrofts.

When Miriam Bancroft attacked and brutally beat up Lizzie Elliot after she revealed she is pregnant with Laurens Bancroft's child, causing her to miscarry, Prescott contacted Reileen Kawahara and had Lizzie tortured to insanity at the Wei Clinic, causing her to become severely traumatized from the experience.

Throughout the series

Prescott is first introduced in Fallen Angel, where she walks into Kovacs' room (with Poe mistakenly assuming that she is a prostitute). After sizing up naked Kovacs, she informs him of her status and leads him to Psychasec, where she meets with Laurens and Miriam.


Prescott, being a ground-born and not a Meth, is vary of her past on Earth. Her biggest wish is to become one of them, showing how subservient and sycopanthic she is to the Bancroft family.

Simultaneously, she is very condescending and downright rude towards anyone whom she deems unworthy of her, shown mostly with Tanaka, Kristin Ortega (TV) and Takeshi Kovacs. Her innate desire to become a member of high society comes from her shame of being ground-born (even though not much of her past has been given), shown when she looks at Tanaka with scorn when he calls her "ground born" and that she'll "never be one of them."

After being framed by Kovacs for attempting to murder Bancroft, and ostracized from the rest of the Meths, she has a change of heart and decides to help Tanaka by revealing what happened to Lizzie Elliot, thereby revealing Miriam Bancroft (TV)'s own crimes.





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