Panama Rose Fightdrome is a combat arena operating in Bay City. They stage fights between specially bred combat sleeves for the amusement of the masses. Fightdrome's greatest advertisement is the business's "always live, never cast" policy with Carnage claiming the fights are never recorded or broadcasted. However, in secret, Carnage uses ancient VHS technology to record all the fights.

Fightdrome is ran by Carnage and his AI "partner" Maddy, though many other AI consider Maddy's role in this business as more a slave to Carnage. For 10 minutes Stacks can be uploaded into advanced combat Sleeves, some resembling giant muscular animal human hybrids, that battle to the sleeve death.

Fightdrome has been rumored to have fights that involve real death which is why Ortega has tried on several occasions to have their business licence pulled.

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