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Poe was the artificial intelligence owner of The Raven Hotel. He was patterned after the famous writer Edgar Allan Poe. In 2384, Takeshi Kovacs became Poe's first guest at his hotel in fifty years.



Owing to statements made to Kovacs upon his entry to The Raven Hotel, as well as statements made to others, Poe has been in the hotel business for a considerable length of time. He also seems to have a gambling problem, as when he meets with other AI's via hologram, they were in the middle of a poker game and they made mention of his outstanding debts from a previous game. His debt was comprised of unpaid AI Union dues.

Throughout the Series[]

Poe has shown an interest in humans, stating to other AIs that he finds them fascinating. He shows knowledge of archaic human slang and views on private detectives, as in episode three he uses the phrase "gumshoes" to describe them and is aware of how their assistants dress. This knowledge makes him more human than machine and takes great pride in being the proprietor of The Raven Hotel where studying humanity has become his greatest aspiration.


Poe exhibited how a hotelier should work. Being utmost sincere and very hospitable in doing his job, he showed this concerning nature in effect when Kovacs was attacked in his hotel by Dimi the Twin. When the hotel was attacked Kovacs checked in and Poe activated his weapons program and took out the thugs. Before Kovacs and Ortega could question Dimi about who he works for and where his clones are Poe pointed his guns at Dimi and slagged his stack making interrogation impossible. When Poe is given an order Kovacs commands were often followed immediately to the extent that he could block intruders, find someone by tracking their ONI, or in the case of Lizzie get a licence for psycho therapy.. He also performed psychosurgery and helped Elliot's daughter Lizzie cope through her defrag. He developed deep emotions for everyone who stayed in the hotel, which was previously mentioned by Ortega and Dimi to Kovacs.

Memorable quotes[]

"You don't deserve to be human."

"We're friends?"

"It is not our enemies that defeat us. It is our fear. Do not be afraid of the monsters, Miss Elizabeth. Make them afraid of you"

"And neither the angels in Heaven above. Nor the demons down under the sea. Can ever dissever my soul from the soul of the beautiful [Annabel Lee]." (The last two words are the ending of the phrase, left unsaid.)

"It is the impratical things in this tumultuous hellscape of world that matter most. A book, a name, chicken soup. They help us remember that even in our darkest hour life is still to be savored."

"I will not squander what time I have left -- and as your friend I entreat you to not squander yours"


  • Joe Carrol, James Purefoy's character in the TV Series, The Following, is a fan of Poe's work. Laurens Bancroft is portrayed by James Purefoy.
  • Poe has a gambling addiction; he sporadically visits a virtual poker room with other AIs to play cards, where he is usually mocked for his outstanding debts and poor playing skills.
  • Kovacs was the first guest of Poe's hotel in the past 50 years, due to a stigma existing against AI-controlled automated hotels.



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The book that Poe has on his counter can be purchased from [[1]]