Prop 653 was a bill put forth by the United Nations Interstellar Protectorate which would allow any murder victim or suspected murder victim to be spun back up or re-sleeved to identify and testify against their murderer regardless of their religious coding which would prevent them from being spun up after sleeve death. The passage of this bill was seen by criminals such as Reileen Kawahara as a threat due to her business of applying religious coding to the murder victims of wealthy Meths. This proposition was initially defeated by Laurens Bancroft using his considerable wealth and influence after Reileen arranged for Bancroft to murder/real death a prostitute after having him drugged. To prevent Mary Lou Henchy, a witness to his crime, from being spun back up to testify, Laurens defeated the bill then destroyed his own stack minutes before his latest D.H.F. backup to erase the experience. After Bancroft's manipulation of the bill was exposed, the bill was then passed by the protectorate. Any citizen, regardless of religious coding, can now be spun up to identify their killer.

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