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Quellcrist Falconer (née Nadia Makita) is a leader of the organization known as Envoys. She is also responsible for igniting the rebellion flame within the UN Protectorate, as well as for designing and ultimately engineering the very first cortical stack. Falconer managed, through her followers, to give birth to a whole new eponymous religion called Quellism, which many throughout the human empire related to and embraced. Quellcrist and her Envoys, along with the rebellion itself, were ultimately defeated at the battle of Stronghold, the former being sleeve-killed. Unbeknownst to the unified government, however, her stack had been backed-up before her demise, preventing her from experiencing real death.

Reileen brought Quell back after killing her only to keep her locked glass coffin for centuries. The coffin was placed next to the songspire tree roots. When an explosion broke the tree, the Elder inhabiting the tree eventually found its way into Quell's mind, as her mind was strong enough to host it. The Elder drove her to take revenge on those who had wronged the Elders: the Founders.

In 2414, Quell murdered one of the Founders that Takeshi Kovacs had sworn to protect. Quell eventually found herself face to face with Takeshi. Eventually, Takeshi and Trepp worked with Poe and Annabel to create a construct to coax the Elder out of Quell's stack. However, Jaeger is in the construct and the Elder, enraged, bonds with him. Quellcrest believes it is her duty to sacrifice herself to stop the Elder from murdering everyone. After Takeshi sacrificed himself, Quell bid farewell to Takeshi Prime and needle casts herself off-world to find a new place to foment a rebellion.



Quellcrist is an independent and resourceful woman. She wants the galaxy to be the best version of itself, even if that means risking her life by rebelling against a dangerous, authoritative, or unjust power.