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Quellcrist Falconer (nickname: Quell) is the nom-de-guerre used by Nadia Makita, a political activist/revolutionary who led the Unsettlement on Harlan's World. She is the founder of Quellism, whose followers are termed Quellists.


Quellcrist was born on Harlan's World, a planet settled via digitally stored personalities and clone banks sent through space in colony ships. After the initial Harlan family elite was thus established, the colony was augmented by individuals whose personalities were sent, purely digitally, by needlecast.

Quell wrote several books, most notably Poems and Other Prevarications and Things I Should Have Learned by Now. Her views ignited a revolutionary action against the ruling class of the planet, which is referred to historically as the "Unsettlement". She believed that all war is the result of unused male drive and the over-accumulation of testosterone in men, yet her own actions and views led to a great deal of violent action.

Quell was visionary regarding the importance of Cortical Stacks and the "resleeving" of consciousness with respect to revolutionary efforts. She proclaimed that the rebellion would prevail so long as its followers were patient - 20 years or 200 years, the difference being insignificant in the face of immortality.

Near the end of the Unsettlement, Quell vanished following an attempt to escape from an overwhelming Protectorate force. She was last seen fleeing in a small helicopter with her pilot, and was assumed shot down by the 'orbitals' (orbital gun platforms, a web of active Martian relics surrounding Harlan's World). These orbitals routinely disintegrate anything flying higher than 400 meters. The helicopter's disappearance and the lack of any wreckage indicated this was the fate that befell it.