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"Rage in Heaven" is the ninth episode of the Season One of Netflix's Altered Carbon. It aired on February 2, 2018, along with the remainder of the first season.

Promotional synopsis

After a devastating rampage, Kovacs and his allies hatch a bold—and very risky—scheme to infiltrate Head in the Clouds.


Takeshi Kovacs is playing rock paper scissors at the start of the episode. In the lobby of The Raven, Takeshi talks to Poe about how Laurens Bancroft died just as Kristin Ortega comes through the door. Takeshi gives her a bath, but turns out this is not Ortega Reileen Kawahara is impersonating her and we know the real Ortega was kidnapped in the last episode.

In Virtual reality, Poe talks to Lizzie Elliot and has doubts about the plan. Lizzie says she is like a black widow spider building a web and then she goes back to sharpening her blades for her part of the plan.

Takeshi asks Reileen where Ortega is and she tells Takeshi that because Ortega killed her clones she has sent Mister Leung to kill Ortega's family.

Across town, Leung is doing just that. Xalbador and Alazne answer the door but he stabs them. They never see him coming and he kills Ortega's nephews. Takeshi races over there but it is too late and he finds their dead bodies. Takeshi confronts Reileen and offers Mary Lou Henchy's Cortical Stack as a bargaining chip. He tells Reileen he knows she faked the codes. Reileen tells Takeshi that Mary Lou was cheap labor and she has an empire that spans the Settled Worlds. Takeshi tells her he is backing out and he will head to Miriam Bancroft's island then he will cast off to Harlan's World.

Reileen shows Takeshi a photo of their mom and tells him what she went through. Takeshi walks out and Reileen sends Leung after him. Miriam picks him up and they head to her island.

18 Hours Earlier

Takeshi calls Poe and he gives Takeshi the address to the restaurant. Ava Elliot and Vernon are enjoying their date and talking about Lizzie when Takeshi knocks on the window telling them they need to leave.

Tanaka sets up a crime scene but loses his lunch when he sees the gore of his dead friends.

Back at the Raven, Takeshi scolds Ava and Vernon for turning their ONI's off. He tells them Ortega has been kidnapped and Ortega's family is dead. Mickey comes in and Poe goes for his guns. Takeshi tells Poe to stand down. Mickey tells them he has not seen Ortega since she went to Psychasec and he is worried. Takeshi tells them the plan, heads to the Bay City Police Department Evidence Lockup and gets the stuff from Isaac Bancroft's house.

Back at Head in the Clouds, Reileen tortures Ortega in VR and loads Leung into the construct with her.

Takeshi starts work on the plan when Elliot boots the door. Takeshi tells them the plan: he will make a clone and surgically install a microwire camera and a double-sleeved stack into it. The clone will head into Head in the Clouds loaded with Rawling while Takeshi heads to Miriam's island. Takeshi plays rock paper scissors with the clone.

Present Day

Takeshi watches as his clone boards Miriam's car and heads to Miriam's island. With the plan in motion Mickey, Ava, and Vernon set up a command post in the lobby and Takeshi tells them he won the game. Takeshi heads into VR to say goodbye to Lizzie and she tells them one of them could die. Takeshi tells her no one will die unless he lets them. Takeshi sees the worm from Wei Clinic and Lizzie sends him back to the real.

Takeshi installs the camera and tells Elliot that he is going to film the confession. Ava hands Takeshi the antenna and tells him he needs to get himself and the antenna close to Reileen to load the Rawling Virus or she will cast out and the place will be on lockdown. Elliot will impersonate a general and will disable the alarm with Reaper being used as a backup.

Takeshi hides in the trunk as Elliot smuggles him in. Elliot drugs a hooker and heads to the security room. Things don't go well and the alarm is tripped so Takeshi has to use the Reaper but loses his drugs and weapons in the process. Takeshi manages to get inside and Elliot disables the alarm just in time for Takeshi to get into Reileen's apartment.

Elliot blows the lock and Takeshi places the antenna close to Reileen and the Rawling Virus is loaded but the countermeasures blind their screens.

Takeshi has Reileen confess and she tells him what happened. Reileen drugged Miriam with Merge9 and Stallion to blackmail Bancroft once he got back from Osaka to stop Proposition 653. With Stallion flowing through his veins Bancroft choked Mary Lou and Lena Rentang, killing Lena in the process. Mary Lou tried to escape, but Reileen changed the codes to make sure she and Lizzie did not talk.

Mary Lou jumped and that's when Ortega and Elias Ryker found her. Dimi framed Ryker and he got put in prison. Reileen used Ryker's sleeve to spin up Takeshi.

Bancroft went to Fightdrome and beat up Isaac which got Carnage and Maddy involved. After attacking his son, Bancroft went next door to Jack It Off and raped Lizzie and Alice and choked Alice with the last of the Stallion. Lizzie got pregnant, went to talk to Bancroft but he was not home yet and Lizzie ran into Miriam. Miriam cleaned up and killed Lizzie by beating her. She then sent her sleeve's dead body to Wei Clinic for brainwashing before she dumped Lizzie's body in the ally behind Jack It Off while Bancroft blew his stack out.

Takeshi was bailed out in Ryker's Sleeve and that brings us up to date.

Leung knifes Elliot and Reileen's guards corner them. Reileen says she trusted Takeshi until now.



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