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Tanaseda Hideki is a character that appeared in Season Two of Altered Carbon. A centuries-old Yakuza boss, Tanaseda controls organized crime on the planet of Harlan's World and shares a history with Takeshi Kovacs.[1]


Tanaseda Hideki was part of Konrad Harlan's settlement colony and accompanied him on the expedition that settled Harlan's World. When Konrad and the other founders decided to massacre the unborn Elders, Tanaseda did not join in. He considered the whole ordeal as an act of genocide and a great dishonor on all those who participated, leading to a strained relationship with them.

Over the centuries, Tanaseda came to control the Yakuza and much of the organized crime on Harlan's World and even employed Kovacs.

Altered Carbon: Resleeved

Tanaseda employed Takeshi to guard Holly Togram and to look into his younger brothers death in the Mizumoto syndicate, which was founded by his father. Takeshi learned that the syndicate had a strong loyalty policy which is earned by following a code in which the boss receives a tattoo and when succession happen the previous boss tattoo activates and kills him along with his stack, resulting in real death. Tanaseda couldn't believe his father would accept death like that and wanted Takeshi to continue investigation.

Speaking later with Takeshi, he mentioned to Tanaseda about the strange laugh that Genzo had and hearing that Tanaseda realized this was his father. After Takeshi obtained confirmation on that, during the succession ceremony of the new boss Shinji, Tanaseda was in the crowd and revealed that his father, the Founder of the Mizumoto syndicate was getting his stack transferred into the new bosses. A bit later when his father was defeated, he went to witness his death and when his tattoo activated, his father begged him for help, but Tanaseda shot both his head and stack.


Tanaseda is a very honorable individual. He is also extremely loyal to those who have earned his respect.