"The Killers" is the tenth episode and finale of Season One of Netflix's Altered Carbon. It aired on February 2, 2018, along with the remainder of the first season.

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As a cornered Kovacs braces for a final showdown in the sky, a new hero emerges and more buried secrets come to light.

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In Virtual reality Kristin Ortega checks on her family but finds them dead. Mister Leung is torturing her making her relive all the murders that he committed. In the real Takeshi and Vernon Elliot are cornered by Reileen's muscle. Takeshi pulls the knife out of Elliot's leg and attacks the goons. Reileen tells him to stop or she will kill Elliot and slag his stack and he will be shocked. Just when the goons grab Vernon Elliot Rei realizes the gig is up all her clones are dead, her DNA is corrupted, and the Rawling Virus has done its job and has killed her backups. Takeshi tells her this and Rei sends Mr. Leung to capture Ava and Mickey and to erase Poe. Takeshi tells her not to do it and to listen to him but Rei cuts him off and tells him to listen to her and tell Takeshi this is the end.

Back at the Raven Mickey and Ava try to salvage their command post which has been destroyed by the EMP attack launched by Rei when Mr. Leung comes through the door. Mr. Leung shoots Mickey and grabs Ava then he infects Poe with Rawlings and slowly he starts to degrade.

In VR Poe says good bye to Lizzie and sends her to Head in the Clouds. Finally Poe reads the last paragraph of "The Raven" and turns over and dies.

At Head in the Clouds one of Rei's goons does his rounds when suddenly the brunette Synth wakes up. The goon tries to rape it when suddenly Lizzie cast herself into the synth and takes him out. Lizzie then heads to get dressed and begins her mission.

Back at the Raven Tanaka starts his investigation when Oumou Prescott comes in. Tanaka tries to get her escorted out and Oumou tells Tanaka he has been bought and tells him to ask her the one question "Where is Ortega?" Oumou tells Tanaka where Ortega is.

Back in VR Ortega desperately tries to escape but since she has never took VR training she can't get out. Takeshi wakes her up and Ortega runs at Mr. Leung and Rei slaps her. Rei tells Takeshi to make a choice or all four of them get slagged. Takeshi points the gun at himself and tells them he will slag himself and Ortega tells him not to do it. Fortunately the gun is not loaded. Takeshi surrenders and the goons take Vernon, Ava, and Ortega with them.

Outside Lizzie clears the rooms and kills one of Rei's customers and closes the eyes on every person that the Meths killed.

Rei tries to reason with Takeshi and tells him that she became stronger because she is a Meth and that she is no longer the little girl that Takeshi use to raise.

In the hall the goons bring everyone out and Lizzie goes for cover. Vernon sees Lizzie and she comes out of cover and they take out the goons. Ortega runs back to Rei's apartment with Mr. Leung giving chase.

Rei tries to reason with Takeshi for a final time and tries to cut his face off when Ortega comes in and knifes the guard. Rei fights Ortega when suddenly the lights go dark and blast doors slam shut. The Elliots have turned off the power and the ship is going to crash. Ortega battles Mr. Leung and finally kills him ending the Ghostwalker once and for all. Takeshi duels Rei and before the final blow Rei tells Takeshi that Quell is still alive but she won't tell him where she is. Takeshi then slags Rei and tells Ortega goodbye. Tanaka leads crowd control and helps evacuate the ship with Ortega the last one off. Head in the Clouds then pitches over and crashes into the bay in a burning fireball.

In VR Takeshi is debriefed by his CTAC handlers. They agree to give him a pardon and close the case. They recovered Takeshi's stack but there is a catch In order for Takeshi to be placed back in Elias Ryker's sleeve the DHF copy has to die since it is illegal. Takeshi talks to the clone and they play rock paper scissors. It is settled the clone loses and his DHF is erased. Takeshi talks to Ortega at her and Ryker's apartment. She just finished the Last Rites and Takeshi tells her the plan and that he is the original the other was a DHF clone that he sent to Miriam's sex island.

At Suntouch House, the Meths are partying but their party is short lived. Ortega comes in with the BCPD and she and Oumou broadcast the confession over the ONI. Sandy Kim is reading off the news release as the Meths watch in horror knowing that the gig is up and that Proposition 653 is going for a final vote and Lizzie and Mary Lou Henchy are going to testify against them and bring them down. Miriam comforts her husband tell him she will always be by his side. Takeshi comes in and tells Bancroft the gig is up. He tells him that he killed Lena Rentang and slagged himself to forget about it. Bancroft says he is innocent but we know otherwise. They board the elevator and Bancroft tells Isaac he is now in charge and Bancroft is placed under arrest. Takeshi comes in and tells Bancroft that this is not all the evidence Lizzie comes in and implicates Miriam and both of them tell Miriam what she did. Besides beating Lizzie to a pulp and sending her to Wei Clinic to be brainwashed and tortured she sleeve death'd Lizzie aborting her pregnancy. Miriam also drugged her husband with Stallion and Merge9 while they were in the pod which lead to Lena's death. With this evidence Miriam lashes out at Lizzie and tells her all the children belong to her. Miriam is arrested and the Meths are taken to prison.

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Takeshi bails Ava out of prison and she gets her sleeve back. For the time being, Lizzie transfers herself into a synth wondering if she is real. Proposition 653 finally passes making religious coding null in cases involving murder or assault.

At Ryker's and Ortega's apartment they finish unpacking and Takeshi gets ready to switch sleeves. They say their goodbyes and Takeshi Kovacs begins his quest to find Quell stopping at the Raven to grab his gear and what is left of Poe's emitter on the way out.

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