The Nevermore is a hotel located in Millsport on Harlan's World

History Edit

The Nevermore Hotel was/is a hotel owned by The Yakuza in Millsport, where it operated under the name The Smiley Face Inn. Takeshi used the hotel as a hiding place after pulling a job for The Yakuza in 2134. It was here that he was found by Jaeger and arrested.

After his return to Harlan's World in 2414, Tak and Poe enter the hotel to use it as a hiding place, owing to the fact that the Yakuza pay a lot of money for the property records to be scrubbed and for the hotel to be kept off satellite surveillance. They find the great-grandson of the owner using it as a drug making factory. With Tanaseda's blessing, Tak and Poe inhabit the hotel, where Poe uploads his program to the hotels mainframe. The hotel takes on a likeness of The Raven Hotel, albeit a rather disheveled likeness due to the buildings general lack of maintenance. From this point on, the hotel serves as the general base of operations for Tak, Poe and their allies.

After Poe shuts down in order to reboot owing to his glitching, Annabel Lee takes over the hotel in a caregiver capacity, in which the appearance (and general maintenance) of the hotel improves.


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