"The Wrong Man" is the fifth episode of the Season One of Netflix's Altered Carbon. It aired on February 2, 2018, along with the remainder of the first season.

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After learning his sleeve's identity, Kovacs demands the full story from Ortega. A tip from Poe leads to a major breakthrough in the Bancroft case.

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Continuing where we left off in Force of Evil Ortega tells Takeshi Kovacs everything that happened and why he is in this sleeve. In the flashbacks we see Mary Lou Henchy landing in the cooling pool and Elias Ryker beating up a CTAC officer. Ortega comes in and stops him and tells him there is no conspiracy but Ryker says there is one and thinks someone faked Mary Lou's religious coding.

In the present Takeshi is angry with Ortega for spying on him and having him uploaded into her boyfriend's sleeve and he delivers her Dimi's head on a platter and tells her to spin him up to find out why he framed Ryker and why he tortured Takeshi in Virtual reality. Takeshi finishes getting dressed and both head to the elevator.

Down in the lobby Elliot and Poe are having an argument about Lizzie and the footage collected from Suntouch House. Takeshi comes down tells Elliot they are not friends and leaves the hotel to catch a cab for Suntouch House. Minutes later Ortega comes down with the ice bucket and the platter and picks up the table cloth and some ice and places Dimi's head in it. Poe tells her to take the cloth to the cleaners after she disposes of the head.

At Suntouch House Curtis ask Takeshi how he got in and he tells him he injured the guards and punches Curtis. Bancroft is not home but Miriam is and tells him to stop beating up the servants. Miriam offers to double Takeshi's pay in exchange for sex with her and her clones on her island. Takeshi says he will think about it and tells her she is not for saving and leaves to return to the Raven.

In the ally, Ortega removes Dimi's stack and dumps his head down the sewer. Mister Leung has a conversation with Levine about his ring and ask him if he is a believer.

Takeshi then goes into an abandoned building with Sandy Kim and they find Bancroft (ministering) to the masses. Turns out this is a leper colony and everyone here was infected with a virus that wiped out civilization. Takeshi tells Bancroft he placed him in Ryker's sleeve to get even at Ortega for not solving the case of his murder and for proposing Proposition 653 with Bancroft denying it. Bancroft then lets the lepers touch him and his sleeve dies and he needlecast out.

At BCPD Ortega hands Dimi's stack to Mickey and tells him to get him ready to be spun up. Ortega then heads home to take a shower.

Back at the Raven Elliot has a drink and Takeshi tells him it is wrong to steal Poe's booze. Elliot tells him he will only get caught if a cop catches him and Samir comes in. Elliot walks out and Takeshi has a conversation with Samir about Ryker and Takeshi is told to protect her. Poe then calls Takeshi over to the desk and tells him he got a tip from the AI's. Maddy spotted Bancroft and Isaac at Fightdrome and Takeshi leaves to get Ortega.

At Ortega's apartment, Ortega just got home and is taking a shower when Takeshi arrives. Alazne is not happy to see him and tries to blow his head off. Ortega comes in and seizes the gun and tells Alazne to get back to what she was doing. Alazne grudgingly returns to her cutting board and chops up her produce forcefully as Takeshi tells Ortega that Bancroft and Isaac were at Fightdrome the night of the murder and that the fight was recorded. Ortega tells him Maddy and Carnage don't record fights but will go with him anyways to investigate since she has always wanted to get Carnage for leaving her bodies. Ortega gets dressed and they both head to Fightdrome.

At Fightdrome they run into Maddy and Carnage. Carnage gords Ortega over Takeshi in Ryker's sleeve and Ortega tells him to show her and Takeshi the merchandise and the tapes or she will be back with a warrant and will pull his business license for organic damage and leaving dead bodies. Carnage agrees and takes them on a tour.

Ortega and Takeshi tour Fightdrome with Carnage showing them all his gladiators. One tube contains Takeshi's old sleeve from Harlan's World and Takeshi is disgusted with Carnage for abusing his body.

In the office, Carnage plays the tape and it clearly shows Bancroft beating up Isaac. Ortega and Takeshi decide this needs more investigation so they head to Isaac's House to look for clues.

At Isaac's House Takeshi shoots the lock and Ortega disables the alarm explaining to Takeshi and the audience that burglar alarms call the cops and she is a cop. Takeshi and Ortega search the house and find clues. They find paintings with a bill of sale and they are all original. Next Takeshi finds ONI Emitters and they watch a video of the Osaka deal. Ortega thinks there is something going on and searches until she finds a secret door and opens it.

Inside they find an illegal 3D Gene Printer and to the shock of everyone a clone of Bancroft. Takeshi realizes that Bancroft did not go to Osaka and that Isaac was impersonating him. Ortega then calls Samir and the BCPD crime lab arrives to confiscate the Gene Printer and the clone. As they leave Takeshi's wounds open up and Ortega takes him back to her apartment.

At Ortega's apartment Ortega stitches up Takeshi and points out every wound he got and explains to Takeshi and the audience that Miriam drugged Bancroft with Stallion the night he died. After treating his wounds Ortega and Takeshi do something she and Ryker have not done in a long time they make love.

The next day Ortega wakes up first and recovers Mary Lu's stack before returning to bed and handing it to Takeshi. Ortega explains to Takeshi in flashbacks everything that happened. In the flashback we see Dimi killing the CTAC and Ortega and Ryker making love just as BCPD breaks down the door, places Ryker under arrest, and sends Ryker to the tank. In the present Ortega shows Takeshi all her cold cases and tells Takeshi that he and Ryker were right someone faked their religious code. She next shows Takeshi a sketch of Mister Leung and after reviewing the evidence they get dressed and head to BCPD.

At BCPD Dimi is uploaded into the stiff dealer and they question him with both Takeshi and Ortega banging his head on the table and pointing their guns at him. Dimi stalls for time and Tanaka comes down with Samir and stops the interrogation. An officer hiding his face grabs Dimi and boards the elevator with Ortega and Samir before taking off his hat revealing himself to be Mister Leung in disguise. The elevator doors slam shut as Takeshi shouts at them.

Inside the elevator Mister Leung cuts Dimi free and a fight breaks out. Mister Leung grabs Ortega's gun and slags Samir. He then pulls out a starfish and stabs Ortega in the right arm and left hip causing her to bleed out.

Takeshi manages to catch the elevator on the ground floor but it is too late Samir is dead and Ortega is bleeding so he calls for help and grabs Ortega's keys and loads her into her cruiser and drives to the hospital.

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