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The United Nations Envoy Corps ( Abbr.  UNEC) is a military intelligence organization of the United Nations federal government. Its members are usually referred to as Envoys.

Its members are part intelligence operatives and part shock troopers, trained to adapt quickly after being re-sleeved into new bodies and spun up into new environments.


Envoys are used by the United Nations Protectorate to infiltrate and crush planetary unrest and maintain political stability. Envoy training is a form of psychospiritual conditioning that operates at subconscious levels.

Envoys possess total recall and are able to discern subtle patterns within seemingly unrelated events. They possess a thorough understanding of body language and vocal tonality, such that they can discern intention and manipulate others with ease. They are able to control their physiological and psychological responses, such as fear and anger, at will.

Another aspect that figures prominently in an Envoy's training is the systematic removal of every violence-limiting instinct a human is born with. Due to this training, most worlds prohibit Envoys or ex-Envoys from holding any political or military office. The fear that the mere mention of their name can elicit is often used by former Envoys to threaten and intimidate.


Not much is actually known about Envoy Corps. They must have been founded when humans colonized other planets as a way to take action if the need was. They are led by a commission, dictating what they must do and where. They mostly do not know the why. It is said they operated at least on 17 planets and 5 moons, and some stations in orbit —during the time Virgina Vidaura and Takeshi Kovacs were both on duty.

A former operative was Virginia Vidaura who trained future envoys. She has retired from the Corps after Innenin, as Takeshi Kovacs did.

Known Active and Former Members :

Takeshi Kovacs (former)

Virginia Vidaura (former)

Todor Murakami (RDed in service)

Mallory (RDed in service)

Liebeck (RDed in service)

Tomaselli (RDed in service)

Wang (Rded in service)

Jimmy de Soto (RDed by Rawling Virus on Innenin)


Envoys are feared everywhere in the Protectorate and no government wants them to take action on their planet. This is why the Protectorate is respected uniformly in the Settled Worlds.

Envoys take what is offered and deal with it.

Should you never trust an Envoy, as friendly he/she may sound. Remember, they are trained to use locals as expendables and to gain everybody's trust in order to do what they have been told to do.

If in any event you encounter an Envoy, know immediately something bigger than you can imagine is going on around you.

Some Virginia Vidaura quotes that she used to tell aspiring Envoys during training :

"You are being prepared for anything by being prepared for nothing."

"Assume nothing. Only then can you truly see what you're dealing with."

“In the Envoy Corps, you take what is offered. And that must sometimes be enough.”

“A weapon is a tool. A tool for killing and destroying. And there will be times when, as an Envoy, you must kill and destroy. Then you will choose and equip yourself with the tools that you need. But remember the weakness of weapons. They are an extension--you are the killer and destroyer. You are whole, with or without them.”