Vernon Elliot is the husband of Ava Elliot, and the father of Lizzie Elliot. He sent a threatening message to Laurens Bancroft which led Takeshi Kovacs to suspect him as a potential perpetrator in Bancroft's murder.

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Vernon Elliot served as a medic in the CTAC Marines. At some point, he married Ava and had a daughter, Lizzie.

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In order to find the person responsible for killing Laurens Bancroft, Envoy Takeshi Kovacs examines various death threats sent to Bancroft, and finds Vernon using the serial number on his service rifle. After a lengthy fight and discovering that Vernon's daughter Lizzie is trapped in the virtual world, Takeshi convinces Vernon that he is not an enemy and offers to help the Elliots in exchange for Vernon's assistance on the Bancroft case. Vernon reluctantly agrees, but asserts that he and Takeshi are not allies.

Vernon later agrees to have Lizzie take therapy lessons from Poe in exchange for being Takeshi's wingman. He helps Takeshi buy weapons and get in touch with contacts to help him defeat their enemies.

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Vernon is a loving husband and father first and foremost and will do whatever it takes to save and protect his family. He has a deep-seated hatred for Laurens Bancroft and meths in general, holding them responsible for imprisoning his wife and driving his daughter to madness.

Following his efforts to aid Lizzie and his role in reuniting Vernon and his wife, Vernon displays a high level of loyalty to Kovacs, as shown when Elliot joins Kovacs' plan to take down Reileen

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