VR stands for Virtual Reality. As a substitute to Needlecasting VR can be used to store a consciousness within a Cortical Stack or be used for communication. Citizens can use VR cafes to experience any scenario they want within a simulated environment with more disturbed patrons playing out violent or sexually depraved acts.

Hostel groups like the Colonial Tactical Assault Corps and Wei Clinic owned by Reileen Kawahara, and Yakuza use it for torture. VR environments make methods of torture that would normally kill subjects easily applicable, as they can simply reboot the system to kill and revive subjects over and over. Also, the passage of time within a VR environment can be dilated to allow days or weeks to pass in the simulation while only a few hours have passed in real time. Envoys undergo intense mental training to withstand VR torture for much longer periods than an ordinary subject and can eventually influence the program to an extent or even stop and restart there heart to force themselves awake and out of the simulation, provided that they are within a sleeve in the real world.

Within VR there is a method of psychological therapy that exists called "Psycho Surgery" to help treat and "repair" the damaged consciousness of individuals that have experienced intense psychological trauma, usually as the result of VR torture. Vernon Elliot stored his daughter Lizzie Elliot in VR so he could attempt to talk to her after her abduction and torture but abandoned the idea when Takeshi Kovacs told him VR only makes her condition worse. Lizzie was caught in a trauma loop, reliving her traumatic ordeal over and over but made a full recovery thanks to the psychological therapy administered by Poe within The Raven Hotel.

VR arcades are in every city where you can use credits to make a long-distance call.

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